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The Buffalo National River is one of America's favorite canoeing and hiking adventures. Some one million people visit the Buffalo National River every year. The park is divided up into three segments: 1.) the upper; 2.) the middle; and 3.) the lower river. The middle and lower segments are in the Twin Lakes Area. The upper segment is about 70 minutes from Mountain Home, Arkansas. Depending on where you are in the Twin Lakes, access to the Buffalo National River is only a few minutes away, or as much as 75 minutes.

The lower Buffalo River flows into the White River at Buffalo City, which is 20 minutes south of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Canoeing is the main attraction on the Buffalo River. However, the park also has numerous hiking trails, horseback riding, and some of the most spectacular karst geology in the United States. And it's just plain fun to drive through the little towns in the park area.

When you venture into the lower river area, the Buffalo National Park is on the West side of the river, and the Leatherwood Wilderness Area is on the east side. If you want remoteness, this is where to go. Few humans venture off the water in this rugged and remote Wilderness Area.

If you are a serious birder, hunter, smallmouth bass fisher, nature photographer, if you like to hike where few go, ask your lodging host about the hiking trails and canoe float trips. The lower Buffalo River is a true hotspot for some exceptional smallmouth bass fishing. Outfitters offer overnight fishing trips. After a day's fishing they pitch a tent next to the river and cook you a fantastic meal over a campfire while you relax.

Information was supplied in part by the National Park Service
Buffalo National River
P.O. Box 1173
Harrison, AR 72602-1173
Buffalo National River
Tyler Bend Visitor Center Information
(870) 439-2502

Official U.S. Park Service Buffalo National River Web Site

Buffalo River Recreation Directory

Buffalo River Floater's Guide
Details about canoeing and hiking in the Buffalo River National Park

Canoe Rentals on the Buffalo
A list of canoe outfitters on the upper, middle, and lower Buffalo River

Map of the Buffalo River
Shows the entire length of the Buffalo River. River access points, campgrounds, infomation stations, primative campsites, drinking water, public telephones, & historic sites.

Buffalo River Lodging
Places to lodge near the river

KY3 Area Weather Forecast
KY3 out of Springfield, Missouri has had the most accurate weather forecast. You'll need their weather reports.

Horse Use on the Buffalo National
The basic information you'll need for bringing your own horse into the Buffalo National River area.

Elk Along the Buffalo River
A herd of Elk now inhabit parts of the Buffalo National River. This is their story.

Latest River Stage    
3-6 feet is good floating, so check it out to see if you have the water you need. This is the Buffalo River level measured near St. Joe, Arkansas by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Official U.S. Park Service Buffalo National River Web Site
A good web site with a lot of in-depth information about the park and river.

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