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Loading the courtesy dock at Bull Shoals Lake tournament ramp.

Courtesy Dock Program, Ramps, & Access

Norfork Courtesy Dock Program: In 1992, a courtesy dock built by the Sportsman's Club of Mountain Home was installed at Cranfield Rec. Area as an experiment. The dock was well received by the public. As a result, two additional docks were installed in 1994 (Quarry and Henderson Recreation Areas). Four more (at Panther Bay, Jordan, Gamaliel, and Red Bank Recreation Areas) were installed this year. Signs were erected on the existing courtesy docks explaining their purpose and to eliminate unintended uses (e.g. swimming). Routine maintenance such as repairing loose boards and replacing missing tires was performed on the docks. This is a popular program.

Bull Shoals Courtesy Dock Program: An experimental courtesy dock, built by the Sportsmen's Club of Mountain Home, was installed at Oakland Rec. Area in 1992. Three more courtesy docks were installed in 1994 (at Lakeview Rec. Area, Fairview AA, and Welcome Ridge AA). Three more have been constructed and installed this year at Bull Shoals Access Area, Buck Creek Rec. Area, and Lead Hill Rec. Area. The docks receive much use and favorable public response. At least 2 more will be installed in 1996. Because of ramp slope problems at Bull Shoals AA, a modified ramp will be developed and installed The courtesy docks are currently funded 50/50 by the Sportsman's Club and AG&FC.

Boat Ramps: Statewide, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has constructed over 210 boating access areas. Generally these free boat launching facilities have a double wide concrete ramp and about an acre of paved or graveled parking. Some areas contain significant river frontage for bank fishing as well. The Mountain Home area is well served by this program. The AG&FC has constructed four boating access areas on Bull Shoals (Bull Shoals, Fairview, CCC, and Welcome Ridge), one on Norfork Lake (Clamity Beach) and sixteen on the White containing 20 ramps. Other waters served by AG&FC boat ramps are the Spring River (2 sites), Crooked Creek, and the South Fork of the Spring. Several other boating access areas are planned for the future.

Walk-in Access Areas: The AG&FC has also obtained several sites along our rivers which serve as walk-in access areas. Bayou and Lasseter’s Accesses on the Spring are extremely popular with wade fishermen. We recently received, through a generous donation by the Kelly family, land for a future access area at "The Slab", one of the most popular spots on Crooked Creek. Our largest walk-in area is at Cotter Springs where a railroad flat car serves as a bridge across the big spring and opens about 1/2 mile of excellent wade and bank fishing on the White. Our walk-in area at River Ridge on the North Fork River includes a wheelchair accessible fishing pier. The AG&FC built another wheelchair accessible pier at Mirror Lake at Blanchard Springs Recreation Area operated by the U.S. Forest Service. Several more walk-in areas are planned for future purchase and one additional fishing pier (Crown Lake at Horseshoe Bend) is approved for construction soon.

Wheelchair Access On Norfork Lake go to the Cranfield campground area, on Bull Shoals Lake, go to Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock. For the North Fork River, go to River Ridge access area, and great wheelchair access is also available at Dry Run Creek just below the Norfork Lake dam area.