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District 2, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Programs, Newsletters, & Reports (scroll down past photos) Monthly Game & Fish newsletters and annual lake reports keep you up to date on stockings, progress on issues affecting our fisheries, and new projects. The three hardworking, hands-on biologists shown here are the men who produce the newsletters and annual lake reports, and who have spent long hours coordinating numerous fisheries enhancement projects. Mark and Ken contributed the technical articles for this web site, as well as most of the photographs. They, along with State trout biologist John Stark, as well as many others at Arkansas Game & Fish, have made the Arkansas Ozarks fisheries what they are today.

Rainbow trout captured and returned during
electrofishing at Dry Run Creek near Norfork Dam.

Mark Oliver, District 2 Arkansas Game & Fish
fisheries biologist with large brown during night electro-
fishing on the White River.

Ken Shirley, District 2 Arkansas
G&F fisheries biologist collecting
data during cove-rotenone sampling.

Fishery Enhancement Programs
Fish Stockings
Cove Rotenone
Lake Norfork Walleye Evaluation
Striped Bass Transmitter Study
Black Bass Exploitation Study
Fish Cover Projects
Courtesy Dock Program
Catch & Release Areas
Trout Radio Tracking
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