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Norfork Lake Fishing Report
Norfork Lake in the Ozark Mountains near Mountain Home, Arkansas
A cooperative sponsorship written and photographed by these 3 fish-crazy men:









norfork lake fishing
30-Lb. Striper Caught Fishing
With Bink's Guide Service

Steve Street - Blackburn's Resort And Boat Rental - fishing Norfork Lake since 1995
Darrell Binkley - Bink's Guide Service - fishing Norfork Lake since 1960
Harvey Hall - Hard Times Crappie Guide Service - fishing Norfork Lake  since 1955

Norfork Lake Fishing Articles by Steve Street

Prime Time Fishing
As water temperatures change bass patterns change - see this chart for year around guidance.
Spearfishing in Norfork Lake
Add a whole new dimension to your fishing experience!

December 14th,2017 Norfork Lake Conditions and fishing report by Scuba Steve from Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental (click here for comments)

by Scuba Steve Street - Updated about every two weeks, or as fishing conditions change.

Blackburns Resort & Boat Rental
Please note! If fishing conditions don't change, I don't change the report!<

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The lake level is at 550.53 and is dropping a little over 1-inch/day with several hours of generation. The lake is trying to clear and the surface temperature is 52 back in the creeks and 54.8 in the deeper main lake. The lake is at a good level for this time of year and Blackburn's brush piles are at a good depth. There are cold fronts coming through about every day followed by high pressure and it is really affecting the fishing. The ambient high temperatures are varying from 60's one day and 40's the next. It is not susposed to freeze after tonight for the next week. It is very dry and there is a burn ban on here. We need rain very badly.  Crappie, walleye and catfishing has dropped off considerable in the last week and open water fishermen are working hard to get temperate bass. One day they catch nothing and the next they find a school of feeding fish and get a bunch. You cannot count on it. They are finding open water fish on the North west side of Cranfield Island in a triangle around the Cranfield beach, Entrance to East Pigeon and the island. Some are also in Bennets around point 1-D near Walkers entrance and Talbot and in the back of float creek. They are catching mostly small stripers, hybrids and white bass. Do not count on what the fish usually do for this time of year because the flood really changed things up. The Norfork river discharge from the dam run brown for a couple of weeks last month and I have never seen that before except for maybe a day after a big rain. I am usually catching big crappie almost at will in December and was until recently. They are now scarce for me. Bass fishing is fair and some good ones in the 3-lb. range are being caught . One time they are next to the shore on the main lake and next they are in 25-ft. of water in the creeks on brush. I caught my limit of good ones on Tuesday and only one yesterday. Sometimes they bite grubs and the next spoons in deeper water and sometimes nothing. The wildlife is very hungry with no grass, acorns or other nuts available. I am feeding them and they are getting very brave to get something to eat.  They too are usually scarce during and just after hunting season. I will work hard to try to find the walleye and crappie and let you know where as soon as I do as I am out there every day and have some very good fishermen reporting to me.  Blackburns has cabins starting at $53/day with a free boat stall and all cabins are individual, have covered porches and we have no duplexes and lots of parking. if you have already winterized you boat we have rental boats available at a good price. We are open all year, are closest to town, dining and shopping and have bait. Blackburns guests Brett and Beau Govreau from St. Louis won the Toyota Bass Master team championship and received a boat, trolling motor, trailer and motor totaling $42,000. We like Bass masters. Their two day total was just over 26 lbs. 

For Additional Current Norfork Lake Fishing Conditions
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Blackburns Resort And Boat Rental is open all year and has a boat just ready for you to rent.

About This Report
My Norfork Lake fishing report is a combination of current fishing action experienced by Harvey Hall from Hard Times Crappie Guide Service, myself, and Darrel Binkley from Bink's Guide Service. Harvey is a very knowledgeable crappie guide on Norfork Lake. Darrell Binkley does not guide for crappie, but he does catch several big ones. By having Harvey and Darrell contribute to my report, I can give you the best Norfork Lake fishing report possible. These two experienced guides, along with myself "Scuba Steve", are among the best fishermen on Norfork Lake. All three of us go fishing nearly every day all year, and how we catch fish is shared in this report.

About Steve Street
From 1977 to 1995 Steve fished Norfork Lake on vacation trips. In 1995 he purchased Blackburn's Resort, and from then on he has fished Norfork almost daily. But Steve's fishing activity is not limited to the surface. He is also an avid scuba diver and spearfisherman. For several months each year Steve spends as much time fishing underwater as he does fishing from the lake surface. Steve does not conduct guided fishing trips, but he does give fishing tips to his resort guests.

About Darrell Binks
Darrell has been a professional guide on Norfork Lake since 1992. He is famous for a spoon lure he developed, the "Bink's Spoon", which is one of the most effective baits for fishing Norfork. Articles about Darrell and his fishing abilities have appeared in many issues of America's best known fishing magazines. Darrell has also appeared on several TV fishing shows featuring Norfork Lake's famous striper fishing.
Phone Darrell at Bink's Guide Service 870-499-7384 - bink@binksguideservice.com

About Harvey Hall
Locals and visiting fishermen alike agree that few people catch as many big crappie as Harvey Hall, who has been a pro guide on Norfork Lake since 1992. If crappie are biting, Harvey will catch them in just about any water condition. In fact Harvey has made such a good reputation for himself as a crappie fisherman he named his business after it - "Hard Times Crappie Guide". Phone Harvey at 870-481-5630.

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Steve's Fishing & Resort Blog.

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