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Navigating through Fishing The Arkansas Ozarks' 70-plus pages is easy. FAO uses a 2-click system centering on the Site Directory image found at the bottom of each page and your brower's back button. By using this combination you are never more than two clicks away from your topic of interest. To navigate, click on a topic in the main Site Directory menu. When the topic page loads, pick another sub-page topic and click on that. If you wish to return to the sub-topic menu, use your brower's back button. To return to the main Site Directory to select another main topic, just click on the Compass Image shown here:

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All main topic pages use 1915 era watercolor artwork. You'll find photos of Arkansas Ozarks fishing topics in the article pages. If you see the 1915 artwork you'll know you are on a topic page menu. The standard little blue link balls are used on these sub-pages to indicate a series of links for a topic. The main Directory uses little orange fish for the same purpose.


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