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Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat were first introduced into the White River in the early 1980’s. Fine-spotted or Snake River subspecies eggs were obtained from the State of Wyoming in exchange for Smallmouth bass fry. Actually the first attempt at stocking Cutthroats involved putting eggs in Whitlock-Vibert Boxes (instream egg-stocking devices) and placing those in stream beds. That attempt was unsuccessful because of protracted and extensive high flows from Bull Shoals dam and lethal sediment deposition in the boxes. Eventually hatchery-raised fingerlings were stocked into the river where they thrived. They were also found to switch from insects and crustaceans to a fish diet early in life. Within a few years a 9 pound 12 ounce Cutthroat (the current state record) was caught. The six-pounder shown here is not uncommon. Other strains including the Westslope, were tried with unsatisfactory results. Lately, we’ve gone back to the original. Cutthroats are highly cacheable on almost any trout bait or lure. For this reason, harvest rates are high on the species. There has been no evidence that Cutthroats have reproduced naturally.