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Photo 6 - Hill Top Views of Fall Foliage in the Ozarks
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Baxter County, Arkansas, Caroline Gap Area
Hilltop Views Photo 6 - Caroline Gap Area, Baxter County, Arkansas
The long high ridge in the background makes for a unique and beautiful 2 hour foliage drive. Take Hwy 341 south. Keep an eye out for CR 73 ("CR" stand for County Road in Baxter County). It is a left-hand turn just after an Ozark National Forest sign on your right. Turn onto CR 73, which is a dirt road. Follow that all the way to a point just past a little white church next to a creek way out in the middle of nowhere. This is Bethel Spring Church at a spot on the map called Culp. Just past the church turn onto CR 74 and follow this road all the way back to paved Hwy 341. This driving tour takes you into the remote outback of the Ozarks for about two hours. Most of the people who live in the area are very friendly and will talk all you want. About the only thing that makes them mad is crossing their fences, leaving gates open, or any other act that allows their cows and horses to escape the pasture. Respect fences, gates, and cattle at all times.

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