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Press Room - For Journalist, Photographers, & Tour Leaders

Each fall we receive calls from journalist, tour leaders, photographers, and film crews asking for fall foliage information. Here is what we have to offer.

Interactive Maps - Our reporting area covers literally hundreds of square miles. There's a lot to choose from but it can be hard to find the really cool spots without help. All you need do is use our Sylamore Driving Tour Map. Each point on this map gives you details of what is there, if the road surface is gravel or pavement, if there is cell signal there or not, etc. Still, it's a lot to browse through so if time is short, phone us.

Journalists - If you need high resolution photographs for print, call and ask us for what you need. There is no charge as long as we can email or send them to an FTP site, and as long as we recieve a clear photo credit. This offer is valid for journalists and tour leaders only!

Photographers/ Video Crews - If you are a photography, video, or television crew looking for view points, cell phone signal locations, certain light conditions, etc., take a look at our Sylamore Driving Tour Map then give us a call and we'll be glad to direct you to the best spots for what you want.

Tour Leaders/Bus Drivers - If you need help planning a route that has restaurants, gas stations, and lodging, we'll be glad to help. Both of us hold Class A CDLs with full endorsements so if you have questions about fuel stops, road conditions, etc. we can talk about your needs in driving terms. In general the paved roads shown on our Sylamore Driving Tour Map are all drivable in full size buses.

Gary & Mary Cooley
Ozark Mountains Website, Inc (DBA 2Cooleys.Com)
Mountain Home, Arkansas
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