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Rule 3 Details - Watch The Weather

Over the years we relied on numerous weather reports from many sources. Weather to us was important not only for keeping track of what would happen in color development, but for light conditions needed for good photography and video. Here is what we recommend for weather reporting.

Forget all the big national weather sites. Forget all the big TV show weather reports. Year after year, day after day, in comparing all weather report sources for the most accurate weather reporting - and for foliage reporting, we found that KY3 TV out of Springfield Missouri is way better than all the rest. Springfield is almost in the center of the Ozarks. The KY3 forecast was almost always what we met out in the field. Their forecasts were accurate within hours.

Go to http://www.ky3.com/weather and at the top of that page will be a 7 day forecast, radar maps, and a long list of other excellent weather features. Of particular interests are the video forecasts of chief meteorologist Ron Hearst, and also Brandon Beck. You can also download apps for smartphones at the KY3 web site. Once you are in the area watch these forecasts one way or another twice a day.

The weather patterns you want to see for grand foliage are cool sunny days, as in no warmer than 60 to 65 degrees, with no clouds or only short periods of cloud coverage. These cool sunny days need to be followed by even cooler nights having temperatures in the low 50's and mid to lower 40's. These temperature conditions need to be present for at least a week just prior to the dates given here for False and True peaks. And they need to persist during the peak color periods.

What has happened in about half of all our years of reporting is that we get near perfect foliage-producing weather conditions. Beautiful clear cool days followed by wonderful crisp fall nights. The colors turn fast and well. Then, as peak approaches, here comes a kill-joy warm front. And warm fronts always seem to come with lots of clouds. If a cloudy warm front lasts more than two days, damage is done. Foliage will not be as bright. The longer it lasts, the duller foliage gets.

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