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Camping Points 2A, 23, 25, 26

Campgrounds vary in levels of service provided. You can also primitive camp in the National Forest without any services.

Norfork Lake Campground - Jordan Park at Point 2A offers camp sites and RV sites with water and electric as well as picnic tables and camp fire rings. There is running water and bathrooms. Jordan Grocery is 8 miles up the road.

For Reservations At Jordan Park:
Recreation.com or call 877-444-6777
Tell them you want Jordan Park at Norfork Lake, Arkansas

North Fork River Campground - Lower Quarry Park at Point 2 has several RV and tent camping sites with water, electric, sewer hookups. Many of the sites are on the river bank. There are bathrooms, playgrounds, and public access to the river. Grocery stores are 15 minutes away in Mountain Home.

For Reservations At Quarry Park:
Recreation.com or call 877-444-6777
Tell them you want Quarry Park at North Fork River, Arkansas

Creekside Campgrounds - The Sylamore Creek National Scenic River Corridor offers three wonderful campgrounds in the forest next to Sylamore Creek. Blanchard Springs Caverns Campgrounds at Point 24, Gunner Pool Campground at Point 25, and Barkshed Recreation Area at Point 26/27. Blanchard and Gunner have picnic tables, fire rings, and lantern hooks, but no water or electrical hookups. Both Gunner and Blanchard have several creekside sites. They do have running water and bathrooms. Blanchard also has hot showers. Barkshed has only one site close to the creek, the others are up on a ridge about 60 feet above the creek. Barkshed is the most primitive but is also the most beautiful. Barkshed has a bathroom and a pavilion with tables. Both Gunner and Barkshed are on a first-come-first served basis. Blanchard will take reservations.

For questions on any of these campgrounds call the Mountain View Ranger Station.

Phone Numbers:
Toll Free General Information, Mtn. View Ranger Station - 888-757-2246
Local General Information, Mtn. View Ranger Station - 870-757-2211
Group Camping Information - 870-269-3228

Group Camping - The large grass area near the road by Sandfield Bluff at Blanchard Point 24 is the group camping site. A minimum of 8 people, and a maximum of 50 people, can reserve this spot for group camping. Scouts, churches, and corporate retreats are held here each year. For information or reservations call the District Office at 870-269-3228.

Primitive Camping - There are hundreds of places you can set up your own camp in the National Forest. There are a few rules to observe. First, dogs must be kept tied up. Do not let them run loose. Second, even in the middle of nowhere, you are required to keep sensibly quiet after 10pm. Yes, the forest is patrolled at night. If you camp in a Wildlife Management Area there are more regulations, and maybe a fee. Leave No Trace applies. By law if you bring it in, you are required to bring it out. No littering.

For questions on primitive camping call the Mountain View Ranger Station.

Phone Numbers:
Toll Free General Information, Mtn. View Ranger Station - 888-757-2246
Local General Information, Mtn. View Ranger Station - 870-757-2211

Horse Camps - If you plan to camp in your horse trailer there are many places you can do so. For details please visit our Horse Trails Page.

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