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Sylamore Ozark National Forest Area in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains

Day Tour Guide for the Sylamore Area Scenic Drive

Cell Signal is weak or non-existent in half the locations on this tour, especially in low valleys. Points having either Wi-Fi or cell signal are noted with this icon:

Point # : - Point numbers in dark blue represent stops on smooth paved roads.
Point # : - Point numbers in orange represent side trips on paved roads.
Point Link: Click the underlined blue after each Point Number for more details.
Decision Point: - Headers in purple are points where you need to decide which way to go.
Red: - shows the distance in miles between two points so you can run the tour in either direction.
Rest Room Abbreviations: Point Link line indicates what type of toilets, if any, with a two letter abbreviation in parentheses (PT). If no abbreviation, there are no toilets at that Point.
(RR)= Rest Rooms; (PT)= Porta-Toilet; (VT)= Vault Toilet. Porta-Toilets are little green fiberglass outhouses. Vault Toilets are brick buildings used in National Parks.

To Run Tour Backwards: Go down Hwy 5  2.1 miles from Y Store at Point 1. Turn right (east) onto Hwy 201. Go 1 mile, turn left onto Push Mountain Road (Hwy 341) at Point 43. Great for fall foliage and spring dogwood and redbud blooms.

Tour Start - Normal Order

Please Note! On this Fast Tour we did not re-number Tour Points so that this guide and it's related map will match our detailed guide and map.

At Point 1 You Are In Baxter County

Point 1: Y Store at Intersection of Hwy 5 & Hwy 177  (RR) Tour Start Point
If coming from the Mountain Home area on Hwy 5 toward the Y Store, turn left at the Y Store, go a few feet, then turn left again at the stop sign onto Hwy 177. If coming up Hwy 5 from Norfork, bear to your right and go behind the Y Store to get on Hwy 177. When finished at Point 2, and if you elect not to visit Point 2A, come back up Hwy 177, go behind and past the Y Store, and continue on Hwy 5 south toward Point 3 or 3A. The Y Store is at at 10842 Hwy 5 South, Salesville, Arkansas, zip code 72653. 870-499-5352.

Point 2: Hatchery & Norfork Lake on Hwy 177 - Picnic, Fish, Swim, (RR)  1.5 mi. between 1 & 2
Go 1.5 miles down hwy 177 from Point 1. Look for the sign saying "Norfork National Fish Hatchery" on your left. This large trout hatchery and Dry Run Creek fishing for Kids are on the left side of Hwy 177. North Fork River fishing, Quarry Park, and where the trout can be seen leaping the waterfall are all right across Hwy 177 from the hatchery. Hatchery is at 1414 Highway 177 South, Norfork Arkansas. Phone 870-499-5255. The Hatchery is open to the public everyday except Christmas from 8am to 4pm. Next, continue on up Hwy 177 toward the dam about one-third of a mile to Quarry Cove Recreation Area on top of Norfork Dam.

Decision Point 1: From the top of Norfork dam you can either continue on across the dam to Point 2A at Jordan Park, or go back to the main tour to Point 3 on Hwy 5 by going back behind the Y Store at Point 1. If you continue on to Jordan Park you can pick up the main tour again at Point 6. At Point 6 you can run back to the village of Norfork, or continue on the main tour loop.

Whispering Woods Grill - On the way to Point 2A. This is a unique little place serving excellent food. They also have the best view of Norfork Lake with a large deck to enjoy it from. Open hours vary with the seasons. Best thing to do is call to confirm open hours, or stop by and look at the hours on the door. Call Whispering Woods Resort at 870-499-5531. Their address is 4245 Hwy 177 South, Jordan Arkansas.

Point 2A: Jordan Park On Norfork Lake - 12 mi. From Norfork Dam on Hwy 177 (RR) 3.5 mi. between 2 & 2A
From the dam go about 3.5 miles on Hwy 177. Look for a sign on your right saying "Jordan", then in a 100 yards look for the four-way intersection. There's a store here called Jordan Grocery. At the intersection turn left (north) onto CR 70, go f8 miles to get to Jordan Park. This is a smooth paved road all the way to the Park.

When you come back up from Jordan Park drive straight across Hwy 177 and you will be on CR 60 (aka Jordan Road), which takes you to Point 6 in a little over 5 minutes. Or turn left (east) to get to Roscoe's Restaurant in one mile. Or turn right (west) to go back to the Y Store. Jordan Grocery is at 6547 Hwy 177 South, Jordan, Arkansas. Phone 870-499-7447. Jordan Grocery is also the Jordan, Arkansas U.S. Post Office, zip code 72519.

Now Continuing On Main Tour Loop at Points 3A, 3, and 4

Goat's Bluff Scenic Overlook - Dangerous! BE CAREFUL- No Safety railings 1.8 miles down Hwy 5 from Y Store Point 1 look for a short opening in the guard rails on your left. Longer RVs will not want to stop here. Motorcyclists watch it, take it easy in the ruts. We added this because so many people ask about it. If you stop, we say it again: Be VERY careful pulling in, pulling out, and standing on the bluff. You'll see a rough pullout large enough for two cars at the most. Walk about 30 feet behind the "No Dumping Allowed" sign and you'll be standing on a high bluff looking straight down into the North Fork River and a panoramic view of the Ozark hills. The story goes that many years ago goats from a local farm used to shelter under this bluff. When pulling back out onto the highway look both ways.

Decision Point 2: Hwy 5 & Hwy 201 Intersection - About 2.3 miles from the Y Store you come to the intersection of Hwy 5 & Hwy 201. If you want to run the tour backwards, turn right onto 201 here and go to Point 43 one mile down Hwy 201 to where Hwy 201 intersections with Hwy 341 South (aka Push Mountain Road) and turn left. If you follow Hwy 201 without turning onto Hwy 341 you end up on the west side of Mountain Home in ten minutes.

Point 3A:   Turn For Wheelchair & Wade Fishing Access, North Fork River (PT) 2.5 mi from Y Store
About two-tenths of a mile past the Hwys intersection look for the brown and white sign on your right reading "Bill Ackerman/River Ridge Wade In & Handicapped Access North Fork River". Turn left on River Ridge road just past the sign. Go eight-tens of a mile down this paved road and you'll see the access on the right under trees. A small pretty riverside park with 5 picnic tables, Porta-Toilet, and good paved parking.

Point 3: North Fork River & Historical Rail Bridge on Hwy 5   2.6 mi. from Y Store
As you cross the main bridge over the North Fork River (aka Norfork River) you'll see an old rail bridge to your right. Stones in the pilings were quarried from the hill above. This railroad bridge is still in use. After crossing the river you'll be in the village of Norfork at Point 4.

Point 4: Norfork Village on Hwy 5, Eat, Shop, Fish, See Wolf House (RR) 0.1 mi. between 3 & 4
Point 4 represents the village of Norfork. The Historic Wolf Settlement (1829) is 70 yards after the bridge. The road right before it, named Fisherman Street, is a hairpin turn to the right. This takes you down to the rivers and Norfork Trout Dock, Woodsman's Store and Woodsman's Liquor store. Norfork village shopping is just beyond the Wolf Settlement on Hwy 5. Zip code for Norfork, Arkansas is 72658.

Point 5: Hughes Store - Dining & Gas, on Hwy 5 (RR)  1.7 mi. between 4 & 5
Look on your left for bright red roofs over the gas island and store. A convenience store, diner, and gas station. Located at 15634 Hwy 5 South, Norfork Arkansas. 870-499-7353.

Point 6: Turn For Jordan Park Side Trip, Turn On CR 64 (Jordan Rd) From Hwy 5 (RR) 1 mi. between 5 & 6
If coming to Point 6 from Jordan Park, turn left to continue the main tour, or turn right to go to the village of Norfork about 2.5 miles. If you want to go to Jordan Park, and are coming down Hwy 5 from the village of Norfork, turn left here to go to Jordan Park 10 minutes away.

Point 7: Dwelle Rd (CR 68) Red's Landing River Access, PJ's Restaurant (RR) 1.2 mi. between 6 & 7
Look for the brown and white sign saying "Red's Landing Access" and for the little red-roofed white building offering canoe rentals on the corner. Red's Landing is about 2.5 miles down. It's a quick place to bank or wade trout fish. Great food at PJs, plus good beer and wine selections. A favorite with locals and tourists. Call first to confirm hours at 870-499-7500, usually open Wednesday through Saturday 4pm to 9pm. Reservations recommended. Located at 384 Lodge Lane, Norfork, Arkansas. To get to PJ's turn right onto a light gravel road just before the landing and go about one-third of a mile.

You cross into Izard County (dry) about half-way between Points 7 & 8.

Point 8: Brookfalls Restaurant, Ozark Mtn. Gallery on Hwy 5, Dine & Shop (RR) 4.1 mi. between 7 & 8
Look for their sign on your right. Ladies love it! Great shopping, great food in a peaceful setting overlooking a meadow. Restaurant usually open for lunch Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11am to 2pm, Friday and Saturday evenings at 6pm. Call 870-297-2038 to confirm. Gallery open Tuesdays through Saturdays 10am to 5:30pm.

{Road Note: Rock Glade Area -  Starting not far after Point 8 you'll start seeing areas of flat surface rock. These areas are called Rock Glades and are a specialized Eco land type. Specialized species of wildflower and other plants, lizards, and birds inhabit rock glades. Nature's own rock gardens, rock glades have much unique beauty, but you have to be up close to see it. You can walk a large rock glade at City Rock Bluff accessed at Point 11.}

Point 9: Upper Rand Park on Hwy 5  4.3 mi. between 8 & 9
Stopping At Rand Park In Calico Rock - Rand Park is beautiful and well worth at least a quick stop. There are two entrances - upper and lower. The upper entrance is the first thing you see as you enter Calico Rock. You'll see the blue and white sign on your left saying "Welcome to Rand City Park". The main entrance into the park is a half-mile further down Highway 5 at Knowles Hardware Store.

Point 10: Town of Calico Rock - Hwys 5 & 56   0.5 mi. between 9 & 10
Just as you come into town one-half mile from Point 9 you'll be at the intersection of Hwys 5 and 56. For Calico business district turn left onto Hwy 56. For the historic district stay on Hwy 5. On Hwy 56 you'll find pharmacies, stores, dining, medical clinic, auto services, etc. On Hwy 5 you'll find Knowles Hardware where you turn left onto Walnut Street to access the ghost town and Rand Park. Calico Rock zip code is 72519.

After Crossing the bridge over White River at Calico Rock you are in Stone County. This is also where Highway 5 Turns into The Sylamore Scenic Byway.

Point 14: Sylamore Shooting Ranges on Hwy 5 - Open To Public (PT) 8.5 mi. between 10 - 14
Look for brown and white sign on right side of road saying "Sylamore Shooting Ranges" then turn at the main sign. A nice place to stop for understory foliage, or for a bathroom break. Two target ranges for pistols, rifles, shotguns, complete with covered shooting benches and wheelchair access.

Point 16: Creekside Pullout on Hwy 5 - Access Hiking/Biking Trails, Walks 2 mi. between 14 - 16
Look fast on your right for a "U" shaped dirt pull out. It's across the road from the Scenic Byway sign. Mountain biking trails, hiking trails, beautiful Ozark creek - all starting here. Another nice place for walks next to a pretty laughing Ozark creek. Hiking/biking trails cross here. Look closely across the road for the trail.

Point 19: Public River Access White River & Sylamore Creek (PT 4.3 mi.  between 16 and 19
Look for brown and white sign on left saying "Sylamore Access". The White River meets Sylamore Creek here. Handicap accessible bank fishing for trout and bass. Public boat launch. Paved parking.

Riverside Restaurant at Point 19 - Anglers Resort, Restaurant and Gift Shop
Anglers is across the bridge to the left from Point 19. You can dine, shop, lodge, and rent a river boat here. Anglers is between the two river bridges where Highways 14, 9, and 5 come together. There are several signs and a miniature golf course out front. Call Anglers at 870-585-2226.

Right after Anglers you'll see a brown and white sign pointing straight for the Ozark Folk Center, and pointing right for Blanchard Springs Caverns. In addition to the Folk Center, on Hwy 5 there are several small stores between Anglers and Main Street in Mountain View. Mellon's County Store, Jimmy Driftwood museum, restaurants, antique shops, and several more. The 5.5 miles along Hwy 5 from Anglers to the T intersection with Main Street in Mountain View is a merge of Hwys 5, 14, and 9. All three highways separate again at Main Street.

Decision Point 3 - What next? Visit Blanchard Springs Caverns, or the Ozark Folk Center, or shopping and dining in Mountain View? Can you do them all? It depends on how much time you have. Each of these attractions take about 2 hours minimum to enjoy. Realistically it would take two days to do it all without rushing. From Point 19 at Anglers you have four choices:

1. Continue the main tour loop by turning right onto Hwy 14 and keep going; or
2. Take the side trip to the Ozark Folk Center, then come back and pick up the main tour at Hwy 14; or
3. Just go to Mountain View for dining and shopping, then pick up the main tour loop via Hwy 87; or
4. Visit the Ozark Folk Center, then continue on to Mountain View, finally picking up the main tour loop again via Hwy 87 at the far end of Mountain View.

Point 20: Turn For Ozark Folk Center Hwy 5 - Attractions, Shop, Dine, Music(RR)   4.4 mi. between points 19 & 20
Driving up Hwy 5 from Point 19, at 4.4 miles, look for the brown and white sign on your right showing the Junction of Hwy 382 and Hwy 5. It shows the Ozark Folk Center being a mile down Hwy 382. Turn right onto 382 and you soon come to the Folk Center Parking lot. 382 goes nowhere and dead ends at the Folk Center. Street address is 1032 Park Avenue, Mountain View, AR. Phone 870-269-3851. Hours vary, see details.

Point 21: Mountain View Side Trip, Hwy 5 to Main Street 1.1 mi between points 20 and 21
About a mile after the turn to the Folk Center you'll start seeing more of the town of Mountain View. After passing car dealerships, restaurants, banks, etc., you come to a T intersection. This is Main Street. Turn left and you are on East Main Street/Hwy 14 and Hwy 5 south in the business district of Mountain View. (A short drive down Hwy 14 south brings you to where Hwy 5 south continues.) Turn right at the T intersection and you are on East Main Street/ Hwy 9. Hwy 9 soon soon branches off Main Street, which then becomes part of Hwy 66. So what way to go?

All of the fun unique shopping and dining is near, and around, the Mountain View Courthouse Square. For this turn right at the T intersection. For Harps Grocery Store, the Sylamore Ranger Station, and usual shopping needs, turn left. No matter what your needs, just drive up and down Main Street which is about 3 miles long. Shopping and dining is also along Hwy 5, named Sylamore Ave, that you came up before the T intersection. Mountain View, Arkansas zip code is 72560. Main Street East and West both start at the Square.

Back To The Main Tour Loop Via Hwy 87 From Mountain View - If you went to Mountain View connect back up with the main tour loop via Hwy 87 at the west end of Mountain View. Drive west down West Main Street, past the Square. Shortly after Wood's Pharmacy and Dogwood Lodge, on your right, you'll see the turn to Hwy 87. It's right next to City Hall. Get in the right turning lane. You'll see the sign saying 87 North next to the Library sign. Follow this road for ten miles and you come out at Point 23 on the main tour loop about two- tenths of a mile from Blanchard Springs Caverns. There are no stops along  Hwy 87. It's a short fun scenic drive back to the main tour, or use it to come down to Mountain View from Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Point 23: Turn For Side Trip Connection To, Or From, Mtn. View, Hwy 14 & Hwy 87  6.4 mi. between 19 & 23
This T intersection is well marked with signs for Hwy 87 and Mountain View. Take Hwy 87 down to Mtn. View, or come up from Mtn. View to reconnect with main tour loop. This is a scenic 10 mile paved road that's fun for cars and motorcycles.

Point 24: Turn For Blanchard Springs Caverns near Hwy 14 - Highly Recommended! (RR)  0.2 mi. between 23 & 24
As much to see above ground as below. Beautiful any time of year. Cave tours, historical sites, hiking trails, picnic areas, camping, swimming, fishing. All paved roads. If nothing else just drive through it.
Turn in, drive past the big sign, and go 1.6 miles where you come to a right turn. If you want to go to the gift shop or tour the caverns, turn here. If you want to go to Mirror Lake, Blanchard Spring, the campgrounds and picnic areas, etc., keep going straight and go down the hill almost another mile. You'll come to a "T". Turn right for Mirror Lake and Blanchard Spring. Turn left for the campgrounds, swimming, and picnic areas. The campground runs about a mile to the end. Open every day 9:30am to 6pm, from April through October. From November through March it's closed Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. 870-757-2211 Address is NF 54, Forest Road 1110A. This is a U.S. Forest Service operation.

Between Points 24 & 25: Town of Fifty-Six on Hwy 14- Gas, Dining, Snacks (RR) 1 mile from 24
A few buildings along the road make up this friendly spot on the map. Close to Blanchard Springs Caverns & Gunner Pool Recreation Area. Fifty Six General Store ( 870-757-2704 at 6661 Hwy 14) is open Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm - Saturday is 8am to 7pm, Sunday is 8am to 5pm ). The store sells gasoline, highway diesel, basic sundries, pizza, and they have a deli. Cody's Restaurant down the street has a good American menu. Cody's (6478 Hwy 14) phone is 870-757-2270. The zip code for Fifty Six Arkansas is 72533.

Point 28: Intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 341 - Main Turning Point  7 mi. between Fifty Six & 28
After Blanchard Liquor Store start looking for the signs on the right side of Hwy 14. Look for Hwy 341 North, aka Push Mountain Road. Hwy 341 is sports car heaven. Smooth, winding, scenic.  A wonderful road for spring and fall foliage. From Point 29 through 33 the Leatherwood Wilderness area is on your left, the Sylamore Ranger District of the Ozark National Forest is on your right.

Push Mountain Road Hazard Warning! Because of it's sharp curves it is important that you stay in your lane at all times on this road. Your life, as well as lives of others, could depend on it. For your safety and that of others, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR LANE AT ALL TIMES. Motorcyclist this means not hanging your head over the centerline when leaning low in tight blind curves.

Point 41: Hwy 341 Scenic Overlook Pullout- The Best View On The Tour   22 mi. between 28 & 41 
As your drive up the hill look to your right for the spot beside the road at the upper end of the guard rail. Enough space for about two cars. Not an officially built or maintained overlook, just a spot beside the road with a great view. Ok for cars and bikes. Great view of the Ozark hills, good place to watch sunsets. Be very careful when pulling back out onto the highway due to the blind curves in this spot.

Point 43: The "T" intersection of Hwy 341 and Hwy 201  2.6 mi. between 41 & 43
This is the end of our tour - unless you are running it backwards! From here you can go to Mountain Home via Highway 201, or back down Highway 5 South to Mountain View, or back to Norfork Lake by going up Highway 5, which will also lead you to Mountain Home.

Turning West (left, uphill) on Hwy 201 takes you to Mtn. Home in 10 minutes. Turn east (right, downhill) and in 1 mile you'll end up at the "T" intersection of Hwy 201 and Hwy 5. To get back to Point 1 turn north (left, uphill) and go about 2 miles. If you ran the tour backwards, then the intersection of Hwy 201 and Hwy 5 is the end too, except you'll be coming up the hill from the North Fork River

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