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Ozark Folk Center
Photo Page 3

More Ozark Folk Center Photos :: Ozark Folk Center Information

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Please Note: Demonstrations seen at the Ozark Folk Center may vary from those shown here.

Ozark Folk Center store

Photo 10

The Homespun Gift Shop is loaded with authentic Ozark crafts, all made
by hand. Pioneers used hand-woven oak baskets for a great many things.
Today baskets are still used for many carry tasks as well as for decor.
The choices in handmade oven cured pottery seem endless. The pottery
is as much art as it is functional tableware.
Ozark Folk Center store

Photo 11

The General Store is where you'll find an impressive collection of
pioneer items such as this authentic coonskin cap. Candles, jellies and
other preserves, lye soaps, clothes, and other unique items are displayed
in the old general store theme. In addition to being very knowledgeable
in the items offered for sale, the store staff is hilarious and entertaining.
Ozark Folk Center store

Photo 12

Auto harps, dulcimers, guitars, mandolins, and other traditional Folk
music instruments, all made by hand in the area, are offered for sale.
Locally made instruments are considered the best available anywhere in
the world by the pros who use them as well as the amateurs who enjoy
them. Folk, bluegrass, and gospel music CDs are sold here as well.
Ozark Folk Center candle shop

Photo 13

Shopping is not limited to the General Store and the Homespun Gift
Shop. Most of the crafters in the Craft Village also sell what they make.
The crafters may also display for sale other items from other crafters so
you just never know for sure what you'll find. All of the candles in this
photo are made locally.
Ozark Folk Center wood carving walking sticks

Photo 14

Handcarved hiking/walking sticks are just a few of the art in wood items
you'll find at the Folk Center.
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