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Restaurants, Cafes, Diners, & C-Stores With Sit-Down Service

Please Note! Restaurants open and close and change their hours for the seasons or economic conditions. While we do our best to keep up with all the changes, we do not guarantee that this list will be 100 percent accurate on any given day. Your best bet is to call before you go.

Some of these restaurants and cafes have been open for many years and can always be relied upon. This does not mean the others are not reliable, it's just that after 17 years of running this area, we have learned which ones we personally know will be there. We mark those with and asterisk*.

Point 2A or from Point 6

Whispering Woods Grill - 870-499-5531 - This is a unique little place serving excellent food. They have the best view of Norfork Lake with a large deck to enjoy it from. Open hours vary with the seasons. Best thing to do is call to confirm open hours. Their address is 4245 Hwy 177 South, Jordan, Arkansas. They are at the intersection of Hwy 177 and CR-63.

Roscoe's Family Restaurant - 870-499-3100. Some listings show Roscoe's as being in Calico Rock. This is wrong. They are in Jordan, Arkansas. This is a fun little restaurant. Most of the food is original recipes created by the owner, who is an accomplished chef. It is one mile east from Jordan Grocery at the intersection of Hwy 177 and CR-64 (aka Jordan Road) )7656 Highway 177 S, Jordan, AR.

Point 4 - Village of Norfork

Two Rivers Hickory Pig Cafe - 870-499-3060 - Right at the bridge in Norfork. Two Rivers Hickory Pig Cafe is well named. This is a small family restaurant specializing in baby back ribs and other local BBQ delights. You can also get a cold beer here. Open 7 days a week. Open 11am to various hours, call. 13718 Hwy 5 South, Norfork Arkansas.

Norfork Cafe* - 870-499-7400 - One of our personal favorites. This little cafe has been in business for many years and has a long, loyal customer base. If you like down-home cooking, and like to chat with locals while you eat, this is the place. Like many of the little cafes along this tour, it is usually open for breakfast and lunch, but not supper. Norfork Cafe is open 6am to 1:45pm Monday thru Sat, Sunday from 7am to 1:45pm 14198 Highway 5 South, Norfork, Arkansas

Point 5 - Hughes* - 870-499-7353. Another personal favorite. Hughes is an independent Mom & Pop store and restaurant loaded with snacks, sundries, and beverages. They make deli sandwiches to order with friendly service. This is another fun place to eat and visit with locals. In September of 2011 the Hughes family completed a brand new building with an impressive kitchen and cafe. Open 7 days a week, 6am to 7pm weekdays, 7am to 7pm Saturdays, 7am to 5pm on Sundays.

Point 7 - PJ's - 870-499-7500 - The locals claim PJ's has about the best fine dining food in the area. Of course the great riverside atmosphere helps! We sure can't disagree, and they have a fantastic wine and beer list. For many years PJs was a top destination fly fishing lodge. It fell into disrepair a few years ago and the current hard-working owners bought it and remodeled it. The restaurant has large windows with a private, quiet, pretty close-up view of the White River. They're open for dinner only, Wednesday through Saturday, 4pm to 9pm. Reservations recommended. Located at 384 Lodge Lane, Norfork, Arkansas.

Point 8 - Brookfalls Restaurant, Ozark Mountain Gallery - 870-297-2038 - Men plan on more than one cup of coffee here! The woman in your life will love this place! The Ozark Mountain Gallery is a great collection of quality home decor, art, fine art prints, and similar. The Brookfalls Restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunches from 11am until 2pm, and open for dinner Friday and Saturday at 6pm for a fabulous prime rib specialty. Most of the dishes, desserts, and salad dressings are homemade on site. You'll enjoy the large picture window looking out over a beautiful Ozark meadow as you dine. Gallery open Tuesdays through Saturdays 10am to 5:30pm.

Point 10 -

Calico Rock
has several little restaurants, including a Subway Sandwich. Just drive up and down Highway 56 and you'll see what's open. Here are our personal favorites in Calico Rock.

Don Quixote's Fine Dining Restaurant* - 870-297-8899 - Right on Hwy 5 (Main Street) before you cross the railroad tracks and bridge. Very good food, great friendly service. Because this is quality service and food, it takes a few minutes longer, but is well worth the wait. Open for lunch 11am to 3pm, dinner on Friday and Saturday nights 5pm to 9pm.103 Main Street, Calico Rock, Arkansas.

White River Cafe* - 870-297-3999 - For a quick and good meal our personal favorite is the White River Cafe at 702 Highway 56 East. Their menu is basic down-home southern cooking. Service has always been good.

Route 56 Diner - 870-297-3463 - We like this one because it is a true small town novelty. It's the tiny little place right on the corner of Hwy 5 and Hwy 56. With only four tables you don't have to worry about crowds. A basic menu of burgers, salads, etc. served with friendly service. They also have take-out service. 100 Hwy 56, open M-Sat 11am  to 8pm, Sun 11am to 2pm.

Point 18 - JoJo's Catfish Wharf - 870-585-2121 - House specialty is catfish dinners. Menu also includes steaks, chicken, burgers, and homemade desserts. The 200 seat restaurant has a nice view of the White River. 151 Jacks Resort Road, Mountain View, Arkansas.

Point 19 - Anglers* - 870-585-2226 - A personal favorite for many years. In our opinion the best restaurant view of the White River anywhere because you see a lot more water. Anglers has always had great food and service. They also have a gift shop, store, a gas station. The best steaks for miles around, good catfish, salads, burgers, fish. At the intersection of Hwys 5, 9, 14. Some sources list Anglers as Mountain View, but it is actually in Allison.

Point 20 - Skillet Restaurant at the Ozark Folk Center* - 870-269-3851 - What's unique here is the dining room looks right into the Ozark forest. Bird feeders, wildlife feeders, and a butterfly garden attract squirrels, butterflies, birds - and even an occasional bear. A country menu, weekend buffets, and herbal event meals highlighting the use of fresh herbs, many of which are grown on site. Open daily 7am to 8pm. 1032 Park Avenue, Mountain View, Arkansas

Point 21 - Town Of Mountain View -There are several restaurants and fast food chain stores all along Sylamore Ave (aka Hwys 5, 9, 14), along Main Street, and on the Square.

Between Points 24 and 25 - Cody's Restaurant* - 870-757-2270. Cody's has a good American menu. They've been here a long time. Catfish, steaks, homemade pies. 6478 Hwy 14 Fifty Six, Arkansas.

5 miles Past Point 28 - Susie Q's* - 870-448-2088  Convenience store, gas station, and restaurant. Bright red metal roofs, beige metal siding. Burgers, chicken, salads, pizza, etc. A great place to stop for a break, we've come here for years and always enjoy it. Picnic tables outside offer a pretty view. Excellent homemade pies! Open Monday through Thursday 6am to 8pm, open Friday and Saturdays from 6am to 9pm, open Sundays from 11:30am to 3pm. From the intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 341 (Push Mountain Road) at Point 28, keep going west on Hwy 14 for 5 miles. You'll Susie Q's at the intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 263.

Mountain Home - While not on our tour, the City of Mountain Home, population 14,000, has several restaurants. Major fast food chain stores, fine dining, and several in between these two menus. From our tour get to Mountain Home via Hwy 5 going north from Point 1 for ten minutes. Turn right onto the Sheid-Hopper bypass. Go to the third light past Lowes and Home Depot, turn left at the light onto Hwy 62/412. All the restaurants are on this road over the next 5 miles.

You can also get to Mountain Home from Point 43 via Hwy 201. It's 15 minutes to the center of Mountain Home on Hwy 64/412. Once on Hwy 62/412 head toward town and you'll find several restaurants on Hwy 62/412. Drive this road for about six miles and you'll end up at the Sheid Hopper Bypass at the other end of town by Walmart. If you turn onto the Bypass you can get back on Hwy 5 South, and get back to Point 1 in 15 minutes.


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