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Forest Roads Loop for Sylamore National Forest

The Roads Making Up The Forest Loop - Starting from 7 o'clock and going clockwise from where 1102 meets 1113, it is eight-tenths of a mile to the intersection with 1112. From there it's another 1.4 miles to the intersection with 1101, and from there it is another mile to the intersection with 1119. From 1119 it's 2 miles to 1140 (horse trails), and it's 3 miles to 1139. From 1139 it's about another 3 miles to the intersection with 1113, and from there it's about 2 miles back to the point of beginning at the intersection of 1102 and 1113. Total distance is right at 12 miles around the ring.

The road you will likely use the most on the Forest Roads Loop is Gunner Pool Road, aka FSR-1102. This is the west side of the loop and it connects to four other roads. It runs from Point 11 to Point 25 on the 2Cooleys map, and is a little over 11 miles long from end to end.

Roads Connecting To The Loop - 1101 is aka CR-74. 1102 is also Gunner Pool Road. 1112 is also Tie Ridge Road. 1113 is also Green Road, or Green Mountain Road. 1119 is also Bear Road. 1139 is also Sandy Flat Road. 1140 is also Branscum Road. 1140 is not open to vehicle traffic and is part of both Horse Trail A and Horse Trail B.

Roads From The Forest Loop Going Out:
1102 on the south end goes to Gunner Pool Recreation Area, then to Point 25 at Hwy 14.
1102 on the north end exits onto Hwy 5 at Point 12
1112 goes to the Horse Trail trailhead, and then on to Barkshed Recreation Area
1113 goes to three Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail trailheads and exits at Point 18
1119 goes to Hwy 5 at Point 15
1101 is the connecting road between the Forest Loop and the Culp Loop Tour
1140 only crosses the Forest Loop and is mostly used as a horse trail
1139 is the east side of the Forest Loop and goes nowhere else

From Hwy 5 at Point 11 to City Rock Bluff - 2.4 miles
From City Rock Bluff to intersection of Baxter CR 73 and CR 74 - 5 miles
From intersection of CR 73 and CR 74 to Point 36 - 6.8 miles
Total distance from Point 11 to Point 36 down Culp Road - 14.2 miles
Drive time without stops - 1 hour

Roads to Forest Roads Loop From 2Cooleys Map Points

Miles To Forest Loop

Point 12, 1102 (Gunner Pool Road from north end ) 3.2
Point 15, 1119 (Bear Road) 3.6
Point 18, 1113 (Green Mtn. Road) 7.1
Point 25, 1102 (Gunner Pool Road from south end) 5.8
Point 26, 1115 (Cartwright Road, turns into 1112) 6.6
Point 27, 1112 (Tie Ridge Road) 8.1
Point 35, 1101 (McCowan Road) 12.5
Point 36, 1105 (Culp Road) 16.7
2 Example Runs Using The Forest Loop To Connect two roads.
1102 (Gunner Pool Road) Point 12 to Point 25 12.1
Point 35 to Point 18 23.6

FSR-1112 - If you follow 1112 from 1102 you'll come to Barkshed Recreation Area at 3.2 miles, and if you keep going on 1112 you'll come out on Hwy 14 at Point 27. If you want to stop at Barkshed Rec. Area look for the sign which says "Barkshed Forest Camp". 1112 also has a trailer parking spot and tie rails for horseback riders, which is the trailhead for Horse Trail A (aka Hidden Springs Horse Trail). If you continue on 1112 past Barkshed you'll come to the intersection with FSR-1115. If you take 1115 you'll come out on Hwy 14 at Point 26 on the 2Cooleys map. You can also continue down FSR 1112, which is a little narrower, and a little rougher than 1115. You can drive it in a regular sedan, but don't go more than 10 to 15mph. You'll come out at Point 27. Continuing down 1102 from Gunner Pool, at 4.8 miles you come to FSR 1101, which is also part of Horse Trail D. 

FSR-1101 - If you want a deep woods drive into the middle of nowhere, this is the road to take. FSR 1101 is also called 1101A or even 1101B, and is also CR 75. It is well maintained, and you can't get lost. No matter which way you turn, as long as you stay on the road, you'll come out to either Hwy 5 or Hwy 341. You can come out at Points 35, 36, and 11. For more details see Point 35, Point 36, and Point 11 on the 2Cooleys map. Continue down 1102 from Gunner Pool and at 5.8 miles you'll come to FSR 1119.

1102 Ends - Continuing down 1102 from Gunner Pool past the intersection with 1119 you'll come to Point 12 on the 2Cooleys map in a little over 3 miles. Just before you come to Hwy 5 you'll drive through an area of private property in farm country.

FSR-1119 - If you turn onto 1119 you'll come out on Hwy 5 at Point 15 in about 8 miles. A couple of miles from the intersection of 1102 and 1119 you come to FSR-1140 which is part of horse trails A and B. There are also several ATV use roads along 1119.

Green Road - Green Road, aka CR 96, FSR 1113, and Green Mountain Road, comes out at Point 18 at Hwy 5 in about 8 miles. Green Road is also the trailhead locations for three very good mountain bike trails. If interested in either hiking or biking these fun trails, go to the ranger station in Mtn. View and ask for the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail map. At 3.5 miles up 1102 from Gunner Pool you run into the intersection with FSR-1112.

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