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In the Ozark Mountains near Mountain Home, Arkansas

Sylamore Ranger District Ozark National Forest
Leatherwood Wilderness Area
North Sylamore Creek National Scenic River Corridor










Push Mountain Road Page 2
aka Highway 341
Points 28 to 43

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push mountain road sportscars
Arkansas State Highway 341, aka Push Mountain Road, is a popular cruise for sportscar and motorcycle clubs.
push mountain road views
In some spots Push Mountain Road opens up so that you can see for miles. From a distance the Ozark hills look flat.
push mountain road pavement
Some 80 years ago Push Mountain Road was a rough dirt road, almost a trail.  In those days people lived out here on small farms, and logging traffic was was heavy. It must have been a rough ride!
push mountain road sharp blind curve
For your own safety and that of others, always stay in your lane in these sharp blind turns. You never know what's just around that rock wall!
white bluff on white river
This is White Bluff at Sheid's Bridge over the White River on Push Mountain Road at Point 43.

5 Photos Per Page   Page 1   |  Page 2 |  Main Photos Page

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