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Northern End of Gunner Pool Road

Point 12 Details
The Most Connections To Other Back Country Roads & Forest Attractions
2.1 miles between Points 11 & 12

gunner road turn from hwy 5
Gunner Road turn seen following turn in forward order


gunner road turn from hwy 5 opposite
Gunner Road turn seen following tour backward order.

Directions - Gunner Pool Road is hard to spot. Look for the CR 102 sign and slow down. Shortly after the sign, and in the apex of the Hwy 5 curve, make the hard turn to your right.

Road Names - Gunner Pool Road, Stone CR-102, and FSR 1102.

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Where Does It Go? - Point 12 is the north end access to Gunner Pool road. 3.4 miles down is the intersection of Gunner Pool road (1102) and road 1101. This is also the Forest Roads Loop. Gunner Pool Recreation Area   is about 9 miles down this road, and it's 3 miles more to Hwy 14 at (Point 25). This road is most used connection to other back country roads.

What's Gunner Pool Road Like? - A maintained dirt road running through the center of the Sylamore District of the Ozark National Forest, Gunner Pool road is beautiful in spring and fall for up-close color gazing. The road is very driveable in a regular sedan.

For the first three-quarters of a mile Gunner runs through private property, then runs through a short stretch of National Forest, then once again crosses a small tract of private property with a few cabins. After this Gunner is on National Forest land.

The road begins to climb as it winds and twists up through steep hillside. You'll be looking down into a deep hollow through which runs Sugarloaf creek. You can't see the water as it's too far down in the hollow. There are several blind sharp turns. The road surface is rough in spots. Expect some rattling and tossing. It's not bad if you stay under 15mph in these spots. There are narrow spots.

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