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Boswell White River Access

Point 13 Details
Pine Forests, Birding, Nature Walks, Horse Trail, Trout Fishing
2.7 mi. between 12 & 13

optimus road turn
Turn onto Optimus Road here. It's just past the fire station.

Directions - To find the turn look for the  Allison, Sylamore, Optimus Firehouse, the left turn is just past the firehouse.

Road Names - Optimus River Road, Stone CR 72, and FSR 91089C.

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Where Does It Go? - It's about 3.5 miles down to the White River where the road dead ends. The road is paved for the first 2.4 miles, then turns to dirt where private property ends and Federal property begins. The last mile of dirt section is well maintained, 4-wheel drive is not necessary. Part of Horse Trail C is down here.

What Is It Like? - The first section of the road, the paved section, runs past private homes and farms. The second section, the dirt road part on Forest Service Land, runs through  large tracts of pine trees. At the end of the road there are about two miles of riverfront fields. You can bank fish, walk quiet roads, hunt, or ride horses.

Scenic Forest -The Boswell area is a mixture of large tracts of pine, river bottom meadows, and Ozark hardwood forests.There are no picnic tables or bathrooms. At the 2.4 mile mark you come to a field surrounded by pine forest. This is all public land so if you want to go birding, hike or drive the roads you can. The side roads here are mostly sand so we don't recommend them for anything other than 4-wheel drive, especially if they are muddy. As you enter the river bottom you'll be headed downhill. The road forks:

Staying Right: In about a half-mile you'll come to the river. You can camp, bank fish, or launch a boat here. Just before you get to the river the road makes a 90 degree turn. On the  outside of this curve (right side) you'll see a field. In this turn, on the outside, look for a brown pipe gate. It may be open, it may be closed. If closed you can't drive down it, but you can walk it. The sign will say "Road Closed" to motor vehicle traffic. This road, which is also part of the horse trail, goes along the river bottom fields for about 2.5 miles. This old road is a wonderful place to go for a nature walk. It is flat, there are no hills. On one side are the fields, on the other side is hardwood forest. Great for photography, birding, and just going for a walk. Few people come here so it is very quiet. There are no houses for miles around on this side of the river. On the other side of the river, hidden in the trees, are about ten houses a half mile away.

Staying Left: Follow the sharp hairpin turn to the left and you'll be on another excellent old road for walking. You'll find spots along this road to park. You'll walk along under the forest canopy. The road is flat and easy to walk. Great for photography, birding, nature watching. The road comes out at a large field.

Horse Trail - Just past where the road turns to dirt you'll see a road off to the right leading to a field with an old home site and a large pond. Drive down to the pond and close by you'll find the White River Loop horse trail, aka Horse Trail C. For horse trail details visit our Sylamore Horse Trails.

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