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Livingston Creek Pullout

Point 16 Details
.09 mi. between 15 - 16

Roadside pull-out at a pretty little creek. Hiking & mountain biking trail access, and old roads for short wooded walks.

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Livingston Creek pullout

Livingston Creek Pullout - There's nothing here except a beautiful peaceful little creek called West Livingston Creek, which follows Hwy 5 for a couple of miles. We've added this stop because so many people enjoy it. There are no bathrooms, tables, or anything else. This is simply a pretty, peaceful place to stop for a few minutes, or to go for a hike, a walk, or a mountain bike ride. The name comes from a pioneer family who settled in this area in the mid 1850's.

Look for the wood and stone Sylamore Scenic Byway sign on Hwy 5, which is right across the road from the creek. On the same side of the road as the sign you'll see a small stop sign, which is where the Scrappy Mountain Loop mountain bike trail crosses the road. (This is one of only two spots where the trail crosses a main highway. The second spot is down the road at Point 17.) The trail crosses Hwy 5, then crosses the creek, then follows an old road bed. If you cross the creek and follow the bike trail for about 30 yards you'll come to another old forest road. Both the bike trail and the old road are closed to motor vehicle traffic, but you can legally hike them.

Livingston creek is normally shallow, about 6 inches deep. However, one of the most spectacular flood events we ever saw was upstream just a little way from here. The water was roaring so fast that we saw, heard, and felt car-size boulders pound along the creek bottom. The water was about four feet deep, but due to the elevation it was moving extremely fast and hard.

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