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North Sylamore Creek Hiking Trail

Point 22 Details
Allison Trail Head for the NSCT Hiking
.5 mi. from Anglers Resort

north sylamore creek hiking trail allison trailhead road
Look for this tiny little sign next to the guard rail

This is the downstream end of the North Sylamore Creek Trail (NSCT). A little over 23 miles long, the NSCT runs through the center of the North Sylamore Creek National Scenic River Corridor.

Day Hike - This is the start of the 23.75 mile North Sylamore Creek Hiking Trail. Hike 4.7 miles up to the next trailhead at Blanchard Springs, or keep going. If you hike this section you will have to cross Sylamore Creek, which can be tricky if the water is high. This is the only section of the trail you need to cross water. Determine the water level down at Anglers where the Sylamore flows into the White River. If it looks high we recommend not hiking this section.

Directions - Coming up from Anglers on Hwy 14, as you cross the bridge going over the South Sylamore Creek you'll see guardrails. The road changes to a three-lane highway on the uphill side of the bridge. At the end of the guardrails look for the brown and white sign that says "Hiking Trail". Turn right and go down a steep narrow road that heads downhill 3/4 mi. into the river bottom. At the end of the road you'll see a long silver guardrail. In the center of the guard rail is an opening, this is the trailhead. This trail is for human foot traffic only. No horses, no bicycles, no ATV's.

For a complete description of the NSCT visit:

Continuing On The Main Tour Loop

North Sylamore Creek National Scenic River Corridor
Points 19 through 27

Highway 14 is also part the Sylamore Scenic Byway

6.4 miles from Anglers to Hwy 87

6.8 miles to Blanchard Springs from Anglers

7.9 miles to Fifty-Six from Anglers

8.9 miles from Anglers is the turn to Gunner Pool Rec. Area

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