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Highway 87 - Conections To & From Mountain View

Point 23 Details
Blanchard Springs Caverns, Town of Fifty-Six
(Pop. 163)
1.1 miles between 23 and Fifty-Six

junction of hwy 87 and hwy 15
The intersection of Highways 14 and 87

Highway 87 has the steepest hills, the sharpest S-turns of all roads on our tour, the most "roller coaster" of all roads. Great fun for motorcycles and sports cars. Great in fall foliage. Scenery is meadows, hay fields, and Ozark hills. Rural residential, not in forest lands.

Highway 87 - Take Hwy 87 down to Mountain View, or come up from Mountain View to reconnect with main tour loop. It is a 10-mile paved road that is fun and scenic. During fall foliage the color looks best running from Hwy 14 downhill into Mountain View. As you head down Hwy 87, and toward the bottom, it becomes Gaylor Road in a sharp turn entering a residential area. Then in a short distance it becomes Lancaster Ave. Follow Lancaster until you come to the intersection with Hwy 66 in Mountain View. City Hall will be on your left at the stop sign. Across the road you'll see a place called the Old Mill and a feed store. Turn left and you'll be on West Main Street in Mountain View, headed east, one-tenth of a mile from the Square. Turn right and you'll be on Highway 66 headed west to the town of Leslie, which is not on this tour.

Back on Main Tour at Hwy 14 The Entrance To Blanchard Springs Caverns is just a few tenths of a mile from Highway 87. The entrance to Blanchard Springs is an unmarked paved road. You'll see brown and white signs when coming from either direction that Blanchard is just up ahead, but the entrance itself is not marked, but you can't miss it. Open every day 9:30am to 6pm, from April through October. From November through March it's closed Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. 870-757-2211 Address is NF 54, Forest Road 1110A

Just Past Entrance To Blanchard Is The Town Of Fifty-Six - Food, Gas, Dine, Supplies
We can never decide which we like better - buying sandwiches and snacks at Fifty Six General Store (formerly Hacker's), or eating at Cody's Restaurant. And that's if we don't eat at Anglers. We've stopped at all of them for many years without a bad experience.

Fifty Six General Store (6661 Hwy 14) is open Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm - Saturday is 8am to 7pm, Sunday is 8am to 5pm ). The store sells gasoline, highway diesel, basic sundries, pizza, and they have a deli. Cody's Restaurant down the street has a good American menu. Cody's (6478 Hwy 14) phone is 870-757-2270. The zip code for Fifty Six Arkansas is 72533.

Just outside Fifty Six you'll pass the Fifty Six Work Station for the Forest Service. This is not open to the public.

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