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Barkshed Recreation Area (VT)

Point 26 Details
3.1 mi. between 25 & 26
In the Sylamore Creek National Scenic River Corridor near Fifty-Six

road to barkshed recreation area
Turn here for the shortest way into Barkshed Recreation Area

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Directions - This is one of two access roads to Barkshed Recreation Area from Hwy 14. The second access is at Point 27. There's not much to watch for except a green street sign saying Cartwright Road.

Road Names - Cartwright Road, Stone CR-56, and FSR-1115.

Directions To Barkshed - The shortest way to Barkshed is coming in at Point 26 from Hwy 14. Turn onto Cartwright Road, aka FSR 1115, aka Stone CR 56. At 1.2 miles you'll come to a poultry farm at a hairpin turn. At 2.1 miles FSR 1115 ends at an intersection with FSR 1112. A tree grows in the middle of this intersection. Bear right and go down the hill and you'll be on FSR-1112 aka Tie Ridge Road, CR-55. (If you bear left onto 1112 you'll come back out at Hwy 14 in 3.5 miles at Point 27.) Continue on for another 1.3 miles and you'll come to a low bridge over North Sylamore Creek. After you cross this bridge you are in Barkshed Recreation Area.

Directions From Other Roads - If coming into Barkshed from other Back Country roads, connect with FSR-1112 via FSR-1102 or FSR-1113. Once on 1112 you'll come to a sign saying "Barkshed Forest Camp" about 3.2 miles down the road from the intersection of FSR 1102 and FSR 1112.

New To Driving Back Roads? - Read Our Back Roading Tips

Where Does It Go? - To Barkshed Recreation Area, Horse Trails trailhead, and the Forest Roads Loop.

Please Note! Many maps show Barkshed Road running all the way from Barkshed Recreation Area back up to Push Mountain Road (aka Hwy 341). It used to some 20 years ago, but no longer does. The old silver bridge at Barkshed Recreation Area is no longer safe for vehicles. It has been closed to all but foot traffic, which is why the road is closed. If you come down Barkshed Road from Hwy 341 at Point 31 it comes to a dead end at 7.8 miles. It does not go all the way to Barkshed as shown on maps.

Supplies & Dining - About four miles away is the little town of Fifty-Six. Fifty Six General Store (formerly Hacker's) sells food, gas, ice, some camping supplies, and some military surplus items. Since Fifty Six General Store has served campers for many years, they have at least the basic necessities, as well as some extras. Down the street a couple hundred yards is Cody's Restaurant.

What's Here - This is the northern most end of the Sylamore Creek National Scenic River Corridor. Like the other attractions in the Forest, Barkshed was built by the CCC. We consider it one of the prettiest spots in the Ozarks. There are no scenic views looking out over hills and countryside. Instead you see the confluence of Cap Fork Creek and the North Sylamore Creek. Thirty foot high bluffs line both creeks. The water in both creeks is gin clear, but has the classic jade-green cast caused by dissolved limestone and manganese.

Camping - Not recommended for RVs over 30 feet. Some information for Barkshed shows only one camp site. This is wrong. Several camping sites are up on the rise two hundred feet from the water. On the upper side you'll see a sign saying "Barkshed Forest Camp". Campsites do not have any hookups but do have fire rings and tables. Large gravel bars line the camping side of the creek. There is one camp site right down by the water near the restrooms.

Three Hiking Trails -

Trail One - Look for the old silver metal bridge. This bridge is why Barkshed Road is closed at this end. While very safe for foot traffic, the structure is not safe for vehicle weight. Cross the bridge and you'll find the
North Sylamore Creek Hiking Trail, West Section 2. This is the Barkshed to Cole Fork Road section. It's 4.3 miles from here to Cole Fork Road (aka FSR 1125).  However, Cole Fork Road is rough in a couple of spots. Pickups and full-size SUVs will have no problems, but don't try it in a regular sedan. If you continue past Cole Fork Road on this trail another 4.5 miles you'll come to where the North Sylamore Trail meets the Ozark Highlands Trail at Cripple Turkey Trailhead. For access to these trailheads and Cole Fork Road, see Point 31.

Trail Two- Horse Trail D - Also across the old bridge, this is actually just following the old Barkshed road bed. It is Horse Trail D, but it is also good for a short hike. It goes about a half-mile up the hillside and ends at two pipe gates. These gates are at the end of Barkshed Road, 7.8 miles in from Hwy 341 at Point 31. The first pipe gate you come to is the one over Barkshed Road. The second gate blocks an old road that dead ends about a half-mile down the hill. If you are camping at Barkshed, and want a short hike, try these old roads. To reach these pipe gates by driving, see Point 31. If you are following Horse Trail D continue on the dirt road just beyond the gates, this is Barkshed road.

Horse Trail - Horse Trail D comes right through Barkshed Recreation Area. The main horse trail trailhead is just up the road 2.4 miles from Barkshed. To continue on Horse Trail D you'll need to cross the old bridge here. If your horse can hop over the bar gate at the bridge you're on you way. If not you can cross the creek under the bridge and pick up the trail on the other side. For more horse trail details visit Sylamore Horse Trails

The third hiking trail access is in the opposite direction from the old bridge. Walk down the road a few hundred feet, past the drive going up to Barkshed Forest Camp, and you'll see the North Sylamore Creek Hiking Trail sign. Hiking in this direction for 4.1 miles brings you out at Gunner Pool Recreation Area.

To Hwy 14 From Barkshed - If you are coming up from Barkshed headed to Hwy 14, you'll come to the intersection of FSR 1112 and FSR 1115. There is a tree in the middle of this intersection. You can turn either direction to get back out onto Hwy 14. If you bear right you'll still be on FSR 1112. Point 27 at Hwy 14 is about 3.2 miles down FSR 1112. If you turn left you'll be on FSR 1115 which takes you out to Point 26 at Hwy 14 in 2 miles. Once you are on Hwy 14, it is 2.8 miles between Point 26 and Point 27. If you plan to go down Hwy 14 toward Mountain View, take FSR 1115. If you want to take Hwy 14 away (West) from Mountain View, then take FSR 1112. The Baxter County / Stone County line is between Point 26 and 27. Blanchard Liquor is just past the county line in Baxter County. If you want to purchase liquor, this is your only chance for many miles.

Back County Road Connections To And From Barkshed - About 3.2 miles further up FRS 1112 from Barkshed is the intersection 1112 and 1102. For details on where to run from here, read the Back Country road details at Forest Roads Loop.

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