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2nd Access To Barkshed Recreation Area (VT)

Point 27 Details
2.8 miles between Points 26
& 27

road to barkshed recreation area
The second, slightly longer way into Barkshed Recreation Area

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For details on Barkshed Recreation Area see Point 26

Point 27 Directions To Barkshed Rec. Area -  This is a dirt road all the way and a little rough in spots but very driveable. At 3.5 miles in you will come to the intersection of FSR 1112 and FSR 1115. A triangle in the road here has a tree growing in it. Bear left and head down the hill. You are still on FSR 1112. The road is steep and narrow in some spots. (If you turn right you are on road 1115 that brings you to Point 26 in 2 miles.)  Continue on for another 1.3 miles downhill and you'll come to a low bridge over North Sylamore Creek. After you cross this bridge you are in Barkshed Recreation Area

Road Names - Tie Ridge Road, Baxter CR-55, FSR 1112

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Where Does It Go? - Another way in to Barkshed Recreation Area. A little longer than going in from Point 26. Also a way in or out from the Forest Roads Loop. A way in to the main Sylamore Horse Trail trailhead which is 7 miles in.

What Is It Like? - A mostly flat dirt road that runs through a mix of private property and Forest Service land. At 3.2 miles in is a turkey farm. Just past the farm is the intersection with road 1115.

Please Note! Many maps show Barkshed Road running all the way from Barkshed Recreation Area back up to Push Mountain Road (aka Hwy 341). It no longer does, the old road bed has grown in with timber up to the one mile point above the old bridge at Barkshed.

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