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Turn Onto Push Mountain Road

Point 28 Details
2.2 miles between 27 & 28

push mountain road junction with hwy 341
Junction of Hwy 14 and Hwy 341 - aka Push Mountain Road

This is the remote section of our tour. It's scenic any time of year, but is especially beautiful during spring and fall foliage. For gas and food in this area click here.

Road Names - Highway 341, Push Mountain Road, FSR-1100

Good Pull-Out Here - If you need a place to pull over to read this map or whatever, go about 50 feet past the intersection and there's a good-sized parking spot there.

Main Tour Loop Turning Point - Don't Miss This Turn!As you approach this intersection you'll see a green and white highway sign showing arrows for Mountain Home and Yellville. Just past this sign before the turn you'll see the highway sign for Hwy 341, aka Push Mountain Road and FSR 1100

What's Here - Push Mountain Road is a typical Ozark Mountain road. It winds, climbs, and drops like a long roller coaster ride. Smooth, paved two lane road. Winding and scenic. A favorite with sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts. All along this highway are numerous Back Country Runs, access roads to both the Ozark Highlands Trail (OHT) trailheads, and the North Sylamore Creek Hiking Trail (NCST) trailheads. Anywhere along this highway are several spots to pull onto back roads for birding, wildflower photography, and exploring.

Push Mountain Road Hazard Warning! Because of it's sharp curves it is important that you always stay in your lane on this road. Your life, as well as lives of others, could depend on it.
For your safety and that of others, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR LANE AT ALL TIMES.

ATV & Horse Use Areas - Between Points 28 and 37 are approximately 17 roads and old logging trails were ATV use is legal. (Just after you pull onto 341 you'll see FSR 1121 and FSR 910338 where ATV use is allowed.) Along these roads are road branches where ATV use is also legal. To determine where you can, and cannot, run an ATV, always look for the brown Carsonite (fiberglass) posts sticking out of the ground. These brown sign posts are about 4 inches wide and 3 feet tall, They have six digit road numbers which always start with 910. . . Under the number will be an ATV symbol, and a horse symbol. If the ATV symbol does not have a red slash through it, you can operate an ATV on this road. Same for horseback riding. For details please see our  ATV Use Guide , and our Horse Trail Guide.

Little Short Driveways - All along Hwy 341 you will see what looks like very short driveway aprons. They make a great place to park for a birding or a wildflower walk. Some 50 years ago all of these drive entrances did indeed serve as an entrance to a farm lane or road. That was back in the days when the area was not a National Forest. When the road was paved back in the 1930's by the State, the State was legally obligated to hard surface all roads and drives to the edge of the State Highway easement. These little drive entrances make an excellent place to park if you want to stop. However, be extremely careful not to park in a curve. Pulling back out of these spots can be very dangerous near curves as traffic coming around a curve will not have time to stop!

Old Logging Roads - All along Hwy 341 you will see old logging roads, many of which are still in use by logging operations, hunters, hikers, and anyone else who enjoys getting out in Nature. These old roads make a great place to go for a walk. The old roads are much easier to walk than hiking trails.

Back County Roads - All of the roads on our map that are laid out in green are Back County roads. We recommend reading our Back Country Runs Guide before going down these roads very far. All of them are well maintained dirt roads, but you can rarely go more than 15 mph on them. Many are dead-end roads. If you venture down any of these roads without first reading our Guide, keep a couple things in mind. First, always be on the lookout for a good place to turn around. Second, remember that most cell phones will not work in these areas. Third, if you do have problems of any kind, the farther in you go, the further you will have to walk back out to the highway. The chances are slim anyone will drive past you on some of these roads.

Working Forest - The Sylamore District is a National Forest, not a National Park. A National Forest issues permits to logging operations. You may see timber cutting in process, and you may see logging trucks on this road.

Ice Damage - Along Hwy 341 you will see torn-up trees, looking like they were in a battlefield. This damage was caused by a heavy ice storm in February of 2009 which dropped 2 inches of ice on everything. Most trees on these ridges lost the top 15 to 20 feet of their height, as well as most of their larger limbs. This damage will be more apparent when the leaves are off the trees. They'll look like tall telephone poles with little short branches.

Gas & Food

Gas, Store, Food, Liquor - If you need gas or convenience store items, if you want a meal, or if you want to purchase liquor, you can do so 5 miles down the road on the other side of Big Flat. At the junction of Hwy 263 & Hwy 14 is Susie Q's Kountry Kitchen, Charley's Place, & Junction Liquor. All three are close together at the triangle junction of Hwy 263 and Hwy 14 just past Big Flat.

Susie Q's - 870-448-2088  8505 Highway 14 & 263, Big Flat, Arkansas. Convenience store, gas station, and restaurant. Bright red metal roofs, beige metal siding. Burgers, chicken, salads, pizza, etc. A great place to stop for a break, we've come here for years and always enjoy it. Picnic tables outside offer a pretty view. Excellent homemade pies! Open Monday through Thursday 6am to 8pm, open Friday and Saturdays from 6am to 9pm, open Sundays from 11:30am to 3pm.

Junction Liquor - 870- 448-5139 Where Hwy 14 and Hwy 263 meet. Open 8am to 10pm six days a week, closed Sundays.

Charley's Place is a small bar at the same intersection.

Big Flat (pop. 104) zip code: 72617

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