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Barkshed Road

Point 31 Details
2.4 mi. between 30 & 31

Hiking, Birding, ATV, Walking, Horse Trails, Hunting

barkshed road sylamore ozark national forest
Look closely as Barkshed Road is hard to spot

Directions - Barkshed Rd is FSR 1108. The entrance is hard to find. It is at the top of a knoll and hidden from view. Idiots keep knocking the signs down. You'll see a Carsonite sign if you look close saying 1108. Other than that there is no sign anymore. The best way to find it is to watch your odometer from Point 30.

Road Names - Barkshed Road, Baxter CR-80, FSR-1108. No connections to other roads other than old dead end logging roads. Not to be confused with Barkshed Recreation Area. Road dead ends at 7.8 miles in from Point 31.

Please Note! Many maps show Barkshed Road running from Hwy 341 (Push Mountain Road) all the way to Barkshed Recreation Area. It no longer does. The last mile down to Barkshed Recreation Area is closed and has grown over. There is a trail you can hike down that comes out at the old silver bridge at Barkshed Recreation Area.

Road Length - For the first 2 miles Barkshed road is smooth, wide, and well maintained dirt. After Cripple Turkey Road, (FSR 90179A) it gets a little rough. At 7.8 miles Barkshed Road dead ends at two gates. Facing in the gate on the right is the NSCT section that comes out at the old silver bridge at Barkshed Recreation Area a mile down. 

Other Roads Along Barkshed Road - Barkshed road ends at 7.8 miles in from Point 31 at Hwy 341. Cripple Turkey Road, aka FSR 91079A, is 2 miles in on Barkshed Road from Point 31. The OHT crosses Barkshed road here. Cole Fork Road, aka FRS1125, is 2.8 miles down Barkshed road from Point 31. It's another 3.4 miles down Cole Fork Road to the NSCT trailhead.  You'll need a high clearance vehicle to go down Cole Fork Road.

Spur Roads Running Off Barkshed Road

Cripple Turkey Road, aka FSR-91079A, is 2 miles down Barkshed road (on the left) from Point 31.  Use Cripple Turkey to access the OHT trailhead and the NSCT trailhead. See Trailheads below.

Cole Fork Road, aka FRS-1125, is 2.8 miles down Barkshed road, almost a mile past Cripple Turkey Road, from Point 31. It's another 3.4 miles down Cole Fork road to where the NSCT crosses the road. Caution! Four wheel drive or high clearance vehicle needed. See Trailheads below.

Other Spur Roads - When driving down Barkshed Road you'll see several spur roads branching off both sides of the road. All of them are old dead-end logging roads. These are great places for an easy hike. Several dead-end at food plots.You can drive all the roads you come to if they are not closed. Most are ATV approved. For these roads we highly recommend 4-wheel drive. Always be on the lookout for any spot you can turn around in. These spur roads are usually most enjoyable if you just walk them.

Food Plots - You'll see small fields planted in grass and other low-growing crop plants. These are specially created fields for wild animals to feed in. Deer and other animals graze on the plants. Wild turkey and other birds feed on the insects living in the grass. Camping and hunting in food plots is not legal. You can watch wildlife in food plots.

ATV (OHV) Use - Barkshed Road and many of the spur roads branching off Barkshed are approved for ATV use. Look for brown Carsonite (fiberglass) sign posts sticking out of the ground at road entrances. These posts are about 4 inches wide, 3 feet high, and brown in color. Starting at the top will be a six digit road number usually starting with "910. . .". Under this road number will be a symbol of an ATV, and a symbol of a horse. If there is a red slash through the ATV symbol it means you cannot operate ATVs on the road in question. If there is no symbol at all, then that also means you cannot operate an ATV on the road. These same symbol conditions apply to horseback riding as well. Be careful not to run your ATV on what are well-worn illegal ATV trails. People do illegally run their ATVs on these trails. So do the Forest Service Rangers. If they catch you they will write you a ticket.

Horseback Riding - See ATV use above. Barkshed Road is part of Horse Trail D (aka The McGowan Loop). All along Barkshed road are spots large enough to park horse trailers. For general regulations regarding horse use in the Sylamore please visit our Sylamore Horse Trail Guide.

Birding & Walking - During the week few people are out and about here. The exception is during modern gun deer hunting season in mid November and early December. If you walk or bird, you can do so on any of the side roads.

Hunting Safety - The Barkshed Road area experiences heavy hunter use in the fall, especially during modern gun season in mid November and early December. It is a good idea to wear blaze orange from October through February. In addition to modern gun season there are several archery and muzzleloading seasons. Most hunters do not hunt along roads as it is illegal. Still, to play it safe, wear the orange cloth vests you can pick up at local stores for less than $5.

Hunting Regulations - The laws and regulations governing hunting can change from year to year. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission regulation booklets can be picked up free anywhere fishing and hunting licenses are sold. You can also visit AGRC web site at: http://www.agfc.com

Hiking Trailheads - Open To Hiking Only, No ATV Or Horse Use

OHT & NSCT Trailheads - Cripple Turkey Road OHT & NSCT Trailheads - FSR 91079A, aka Cripple Turkey Road, is 2 miles down Barkshed Road from Hwy 341. It leads to trailheads where the North Sylamore Creek Hiking Trail  (NSCT) terminates at the Ozark Highlands Trail (OHT). If you took the short 4 mile day hike from the Moccasin Springs OHT trailhead you'll come out here at the intersection of Cripple Turkey and Barkshed roads. One-tenth of a mile down Cripple Turkey Road from Barkshed Road you'll see the white metal OHT trail markers on trees along Cripple Turkey Road. The OHT follows Cripple Turkey Road for the mile down to where it meets the NSCT. The actual trailheads are a mile further down Cripple Turkey Road. From the NSCT you can hike down 4.7 miles to the Cole Fork Road trail access, or keep going all the way to Barkshed Recreation Area another 4.7 miles for a total 9.4 miles. The trailhead for the NSCT is over by the bulletin board thing at the end of Cripple Turkey in the parking lot. The OHT is at the opposite end of the parking lot.  You'll see the OHT sign pointing toward a food plot (meadow). From this sign it is 4.4 miles down the OHT to the Brush Creek trailhead at Point 33.

Cole Fork Road NSCT Access - Caution - Rough Road, Please Read Before Driving It! Cole Fork Road, with the exception of a few rough spots, easy to drive in a regular auto. However, if you are not experienced in driving your car across rocks, DO NOT DRIVE THIS ROAD! If you get stuck, or damage your car, it will cost a bloody fortune - and take all day - to get towed out. Chances are slim anyone will come along and find you. It is at least a 6 mile hike back out to Highway 341. Your cell phone will not work here! If you know how to high center to keep from ripping out your oil pan, if you know how to keep from getting stuck in deep ruts and mud, then go ahead. Just take it slow and easy. Pickups and high clearance vehicles will have no problems.

The NSCT Trail At Cole Fork - Drive down Barkshed Road another 0.8 miles from Cripple Turkey Road and you'll come to a road branching off to the left. This is FSR 1125, aka Cole Fork Road.  It is unmarked. Turn left and drive 0.1 mile and you'll come to a parallel road fork. One of those brown Carsonite sign posts indicates this is FSR-1125. Turn down the hill on the first road. It is a slow, 3.4 mile drive down to where the road ends at Cole Fork creek. Just before the creek you'll see the signs for the trail. If you hike up the left side trail it takes you up to the Cripple Turkey Road trailheads 4.7 miles away. If you hike the right side trail, it takes you to Barkshed Recreation Area 4.7 miles away. There's a small two-car parking spot next to Cole Fork Creek. If you drive across the creek you'll find a meadow where some people camp. Illegal ATV trails run through here, but it is not illegal to walk them. The little creek flowing beside Cole Fork Road on the way down is Barkshed Creek.

Though written several years ago a good complete description of the NSCT is:

Barkshed Road NSCT Trailhead - Drive all the way down Barkshed Road 7.8 miles from Point 31 to where it dead ends at two brown pipe gates. The pipe gate on the lower side of the road, to your right, is where Barkshed Road used to go. Several years ago the old silver metal bridge at Barkshed Recreation Area was deemed unsafe for vehicle traffic, so the road was closed at this point. The reason being is at this point there's enough room to turn around. If you hike down the old Barkshed Road you'll come to the old silver bridge at Barkshed in about 0.6 of a mile. The other road behind the other brown pipe gate dead ends about a half-mile down. It's also a good place to go for a short walk.

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