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Culp Back Country Loop Tour Reversed

Point 36 Details
2.5 mi. between 35 & 36

The Information on this page is identical to what you'll find on the Point 35 page except it's reversed.

culp loop tour end point
County Road 73 - Start or end Culp Loop Tour Here

Road Name - Baxter CR-73 (aka FSR-1105, Culp Road, Sugarloaf Road)

New To Driving Back Roads? - Read Our Back Roading Tips

Look for the Calvary Bible School sign or the CR 73 sign. This is where you come out if you run the Caroline Gap Tour from Point 35.

pt36biblesign.jpg (71628 bytes)
Look for this sign at the entrance to CR-73

You can also start the Caroline Gap tour here and come out either at Point 11 or Point 35. Between Point 35 and 36 on Hwy 341 the scenery is pretty but steep and winding. This is a good place to see fall foliage close up. The trees will look strange. They'll look like tall telephone poles with little short branches. This is because in February of 2009 the area experienced a heavy ice storm. The weight of almost 3 inches of ice broke off the top 15 to 20 feet of their height, as well as most of their larger limbs. This damage will be more apparent when the leaves are off the trees.

Avoid Flatwoods Road ! - At the bottom of the hill run off Hwy 341you'll see CR 128, aka Flatwoods Road, aka FSR 1148, and a sign for Curtis-Aklin Cemetery. Avoid this road! You'll need a good 4WD truck as the road is very rough. Moreover, this road runs across private property.

Running Culp Loop Starting At Point 36

Starting at Point 36 on the 2Cooleys map, turn onto CR-73 (aka Culp Road, FSR 1105, or Sugarloaf Road). At about 2.4 miles you come to Cold Water Spring on your right. You have to look hard to see the spring. There is a small white horizontal PVC pipe sticking out of the ground at ground level. Flowing out of the pipe is water coming from deep underground. Over the last 120 years this little trickle of water was sometimes the only water available. During droughts settlers came from miles around to collect water for themselves and their livestock. While the spring has never gone dry that anyone can remember, it has slowed down in the last 20 years. The huge aquifers that feed this spring filled with glacier melt water from 10,000 years ago. Human demand and deep wells are drawing down these ancient water supplies.

Another tenth of a mile down the road brings you to historic McPhearson School House, which is on private property and not open to the public. The area was once known as McPhearson, a small farming settlement active in the late 1800s. The school house is all that is left. It was in active use until the 1960's. The white building with the tin roof is the school. The creek crossing the road at this point is Cold Water Creek.

Another mile down the road you come to the little bridge over Sneeds Creek and Harris Cemetery. Then 1.5 miles from Sneed Creek you come to the sign for Table Rock Community at CR 127. Established in 1889, this was once a school. It now serves as a community building, and as an official vote polling spot. You'll see the long cement tables next to the cemetery under tall pine trees.

About 1.5 miles from Table Rock you come to Mill Creek and the Bethel Springs Mennonite Church. This tiny little white church has been here for a long time. Across the road is a much larger building, which is a bible school. This whole area, shown as Culp on maps, is an old mill settlement from the early 1900s era. The mill itself is long gone. Then in just 0.2 of a mile you come to the intersection of CR-73 and CR-74. You'll see a white house with a little creek next to it.You have two options:

1. Turning Right (south) puts you on Baxter CR 74 (aka McGowan Road, and FSR-1101). Point 35 at Hwy 341 is 9 miles down from here. The intersection of CR-74 and CR-75 is 3.2 miles away.You'll be headed uphill for the next mile to the top of the ridge. When you get to the top there will be a sharp turn, and then the road opens up to a long, sandy, flat stretch lined on both sides by pine forest. All along this stretch is a good place to stop for a stroll. Wildflowers, birds, and the wind in the pines are well worth stopping for. The climb gets a little steeper and you'll start to see the views open up. The road narrows some as you climb. When you get to the top there will be a wonderful view in a sharp curve where a driveway leads down to a house. Pull over here and stop for a look. The hill you are on is called Pretty Hill, which soon leads to McGowan Ridge. In 2 miles you come to the junction of CR 74 and CR 75. If you really want to get off into the remote heart of the Sylamore Forest turn down CR 75. Stay on CR 74 for the next few miles and you'll see several views of the Ozark hills as you look over cow pastures and meadows. This ridge top is beautiful in spring and fall foliage. The last few miles takes you through thick hardwood forests. You drive under the tree canopy formed by classic Ozarks stands of mixed red and white oak, black and red gum, sassafras, hickory. There are numerous places you can stop for a stroll, to bird, spot wildflowers, etc. This is also part of Horse Trail D so you may see some folks on horseback. Caroline Gap is in this area. The Gap has a rock overhang large enough to cover a small herd of cattle, which it has been used for. You can't see it because of the trees. We mention it here because most maps show Caroline Gap but don't explain what it is. You'll come out at Hwy 341 at Point 35, which is still in the Sylamore. There are no houses in this area.

2. Stay Straight at The Junction of CR 74 & CR 73 - This takes you To City Rock Bluff in 5 miles, and Point 11 in 7.4 miles. It is another pretty scenic run. It's more open, there's more fields, and more houses. You come to a little creek in 0.6 of a mile from the CR 74 and CR 73 junction. This is Cataract Creek. A mile later you come to the County Line where the road squeezes between two large natural rock pillars. You are now in Stone County and the road now becomes Stone CR 53. You'll soon come to another larger creek. Next to the road by this creek, named Jack's Creek, is an abandoned block building that used to be a store. Another 0.7 you come to City Rock Bluff. Look for the little parking lot on your left. You'll see a ring of boulders and a rusty old sign frame. Park here, then walk past the old sign. If you have children with you DO NOT LET THEM RUN AHEAD! About 200 feet past the sign is a cliff that drops 250 feet straight down into the White River. There are no safety railings. Walk out to the edge and enjoy a panoramic view off across the Ozark hills, and up and down the White River. When leaving City Rock Bluff you'll drive another 2.5 miles where the road junctions with Hwy 5 at Point 11. Turning left (north) brings you into the town of Calico Rock at Point 10 in 2 miles. Turning right (south) puts you back on the main tour loop going towards Mountain View.

Connections To Other Back Country Roads
Point 11 (Hwy 5) to City Rock Bluff - 2.4 miles
From City Rock Bluff to intersection of Baxter CR 73 and CR 74 - 5 miles
From Culp to Point 36(Hwy 341) on CR 73 - 6.8 miles
From Culp to
Point 35(Hwy) on CR 74 - 9 miles
Point 11(Hwy 5) to Point 36(Hwy341) through Culp via CR 73 (aka Culp Road) - 16.5 miles
To Junction of CR-75 and CR-74 From Culp - 3.2 miles
To Junction of CR-75 and CR 74 From Point 35 - 5.8 miles
From Point 36 to
Point 11 going through Culp - 16.5 miles

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