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2Cooleys Ozark Recreation Directories

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Sylamore Ozark National Forest Area in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains

Fast Tour Guide For Sylamore Area Scenic Drives

Please note that cell phone signal is spotty along all these roads.

Tour Start Point 1: At the intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 177 at the Y Store in Salesville, turn left onto Hwy 177 and go 1. 5 miles. See the hatchery on your left, Quarry Park on your right. Continue on up the hill to the top of Norfork Lake dam. Come back down Hwy 177 the way you came, go behind and past the Y Store onto Hwy 5 South and head for Point 3.

To Run Tour Backward - To tour Push Mountain Road first, run the tour backward. From the Y Store bear right going down Hwy 5 South. At 2.3 miles past the Y Store turn right onto Hwy 201. Go 1 mile, turn left onto Hwy 341, which is Push Mountain Road. Follow the tour backward from here.

Arkansas State Highway 5 South Tour
Point 3 to Point 19
- Follow Hwy 5 South for about 30 miles to Anglers Resort at Point 19. At the intersection of Hwys 5, 9, and 14, turn right onto Hwy 14.

Ozark Folk Center and Mtn. View Side Trips - If taking these side trips you can come back to Point 19 and take hwy 14, or go to the west end of Main Street in Mountain View, and just past the Square take Hwy 87 North back up to Point 23 on Hwy 14.

Arkansas State Highway 14 Tour
Point 19 to Point 28
- Follow Hwy 14 for about 16 miles. Look for the Highway 341 North sign just past Blanchard Liquor Store, this is Push Mountain Road.

Push Mountain Road Tour
Point 28 to Point 43
- Follow Push Mountain Road for 26 miles. About one-half mile after you cross Sheid's bridge going over the White River you come to the intersection of Hwy 341 and Hwy 201.

Turning West (left, uphill) on Hwy 201 takes you to Mtn. Home in 10 minutes. Turn east (right, downhill) and in 1 mile you'll end up at the "T" intersection of Hwy 201 and Hwy 5. To get back to Point 1 turn north (left, uphill) and go about 2 miles. If you ran the tour backwards, then the intersection of Hwy 201 and Hwy 5 is the end too, except you'll be coming up the hill from the North Fork River.