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CR-75 (aka 1101)
Connects The Culp Loop With The Forest Loop

On the 2Cooleys map find CR-75. It's in the center of the map and runs between CR-74 on the Culp Loop Tour and the Forest Loop ring.

CR-75 (aka FSR 1101 or 1101A) 6.7 Miles Long - Takes You Through Forest Center - Connects With All Other Back Road Loops

Hey Guys! Want to impress your wife with your ability to find your way without stopping to ask someone for directions? This is the road - there's nobody to stop and talk to!

Description - This road is for those who want a serious "let's get away from it all" type drive. You'll see only 3 house over it's 6.7 mile length. CR-75 is a run through hardwood forests except at the north end where you'll see some beautiful Ozark hill pasture. Another fun road in fall foliage and spring blooms.

Access - Looking at the map you can see that there are several ways to get to CR-75. In these driving directions we describe the road starting at it's northern end where it junctions with CR-74.

To North End of CR 75 From Culp - 3.2 miles
To North End of CR 75 From
Point 35 - 5.8 miles

Road Surface - In most places CR-75 is wide enough for two vehicles to pass. A few miles down, past the last of the few houses, the road narrows and gets a little rougher. The roughness is caused by simple wash-boarding. There are no ruts, potholes, or anything that will cause your vehicle to scrap. You can drive this entire road in a regular car, but you can't go faster than 15 mph without a great deal of rattling. The road will be dusty in dry spells, and there will be mud puddles after a rain.

Driving Directions for CR-75

Start - CR-75 starts in hill pasture and runs through private property for the first half-mile. Pastures like this one had to be cut out of thick hardwood forests.

CCC Camp - At the 2.5 mile mark from the north end you'll see a small old building with a tin roof and gray shingle siding. This was the old CCC camp. It was the CCC who built the roads and attractions such as Gunner Pool and Barkshed Recreation areas. There was no electricity to it so refrigerators, ranges, and heaters were all propane gas. After the CCC left camp the building was used as a hunting camp, but has since been abandoned. It is not open to the public.

Deer Impound - About two miles south of the CCC camp, you'll see the remains of an 8 foot high sheep wire fence. In the 1940's the Arkansas whitetail deer population was at zero. To re-introduce whitetail to Arkansas, a herd was purchased from other states. The deer were released into this large pen area, which actually covers several square miles. This location is pretty much the center of the Forest and is about the most remote spot. As the deer herd grew, animals were captured and released in the wild.

Sugarloaf Tower - Not far from the deer compound you can clearly see the Sugarloaf fire tower a few miles away, which is near our Point 11. The fire tower is straight east at this point.

End - Toward the south end of CR 75 you'll come to an unmarked intersection. Bear to the left if traveling north to south, bear right if traveling south to north on CR 75. Don't take the road going downhill. It dead ends at the bottom of the canyon. When you get to the intersection of CR-75 and 1102, you are at the end of CR-75.

CR-75 Connections To Other Back Roads Via The Forest Loop

Once you are at the intersection of CR 75 and FSR 1102 you are at the Forest Loop where you can connect up with several other roads for additional back road running. Or you can exit the interior via Point 12, Point 18, Point 25, Point 26, or Point 27 through both Gunner Pool or Barkshed Recreation Areas. The longest way out is 1102 to 1113 out to Point 18 - a 9 mile drive. If you're ready for a meal, need gas, or supplies, Anglers is about 1.3 miles from Point 18. The shortest route back out to the main loop is the 3.5 miles to Point 12 down FSR 1102. Point 12 puts you about 5 miles from Calico Rock.

Sylamore Walk-in Turkey Hunting Area

At the intersection of CR 75 and FSR 1102 you'll see signs for the Sylamore Walk-in Turkey Hunting Area. This is a 9,300 acre part of the forest where all interior roads are closed to motorized vehicles from March 15 through June 30 of each year. The roads shown on the 2Cooleys back country tours are not roads which are part of the interior protected area. While dates change a little each year, turkey hunting season is typically the last three weeks of April. The area is closed to vehicle traffic during May and June because turkey hens and their broods get nervous at the sound of engines.

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