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Outdoor Gear, Hardware, Auto, Motorcycle ATV

What driving tour would be complete without emergency road service help? Or if you are camping, hunting, fishing, etc. and need gear?

If you break down and can get cell signal, you're good to go. If you can't get signal you'll need to go to a house if one is close by and ask for help. If no houses are around, you'll need to flag someone down for help. It's important to know at all times what road you are on so that you can tell help services where to find you.

Point 21 - Mountain View

Finding Your Way Around In Mountain View

Main Street and Sylamore Avenue are the two main roads in Mountain View that will put you on 95% of anything available. All highways coming into Mountain View intersect with either Main Street or Sylamore Avenue. The center of town is the courthouse square.

Main Street - the major east-west street. West Main and East Main begin at the Square at Peabody Ave. Main Street West starts at the Square and street address numbers increase as you travel west away from the Square. East Main Street also starts at the Square and numbers increase as you head east away from the Square. In all, Main Street is about 3 miles long. Main Street is also Highways 5, 9, 14, and 66.

Sylamore Avenue - the major north-south street. If you are headed south on Hwys 5, 9, or 14, the road turns into Sylamore Ave just past the turn to the  Ozark Folk Center. Street address numbers decrease as you continue toward town. Sylamore Ave intersects with East Main Street at 700 East Main Street. This is a "T" intersection. Turn left and you are headed east, and street address numbers increase as you head east. Turn right and you are on East Main headed west so street address numbers will decrease - until you get to the Square. If headed north away from Mountain View on Sylamore Ave, street address numbers increase. Sylamore Ave ends at about Hwy 382, the turn to the Folk Center. (Hwy 382 ends at the Folk Center.) At this point street addresses now show up as Hwy 5 addresses, not Sylamore Ave addresses.

Auto Parts & Accessories

O'Reilly Auto Parts -  870-269-7177 -  308 Sylamore Avenue, Mountain View, Arkansas

J & E Auto Parts - 870-269-8144 - 313 Service Street Mountain View,  Arkansas (At East Main and Service Street)

Walmart - 870-269-4395 - Open daily 6am to 12midnight. 409 Sylamore Ave, Mountain View, Arkansas

Tow Truck Services

American Towing & Auto Repair - 870-269-9777 - 2003 East Main Street, Mountain View, Arkansas

Lay's Wrecker Service & Garage - 870-269-8166 - 809 West Main Street, Mountain View, Arkansas

Auto Dealerships

Mountain View Chevrolet - 888-473-8897 - 2109 East Main Street, Mountain View,  Arkansas

McClung Ford - 870-269-3866 - 707 East Main Street, Mountain View, Arkansas

Altman Chrysler Dodge Jeep - 870-269-3861 415 Sylamore Ave, Mountain View,  Arkansas

Outdoor Recreation Gear ( Fishing, Hunting, Camping )

Walmart - 870-269-4395 - Open daily 6am to 12midnight. 409 Sylamore Ave, Mountain View, Arkansas

Pools Military Surplus - 870-269-5871 - An assortment of military clothes and gear. Also flea market type inventory of other items. 220 West Main Street
Mountain View, Arkansas.

Hardware Stores

Walmart - 870-269-4395 - Open daily 6am to 12midnight. 409 Sylamore Ave, Mountain View, Arkansas

Sears Hometown - 870-269-8119 - Open M-F 9am to 6:30pm, Sat. 9am to 6pm, Sun. 11am to 4pm. 107 Meadow View Drive


Point 10 - Calico Rock

Finding your way around in Calico Rock

Almost anything you can find in Calico will be on either Hwy 56 or on Main Street. The business district is along about 2.5 to 3 miles of Hwy 56 from the intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 56. There are also stores along Hwy 5 between the intersection of Hwy 56 and the bridge over the White River. This short stretch of road is Main Street.

Auto Parts & Accessories

Washington's Auto Parts - 870-297-3948 - 1418 Hwy 56, Calico Rock, Arkansas

Western Auto/Knowles True Value Hardware - 870-297-3710 - 201 Main Street, Calico Rock, Arkansas

Tow Truck Services

Discount Towing & Recovery - 870-368-3643 - Calico Rock, Arkansas

Outdoor Recreation Gear ( Fishing, Hunting, Camping )

Survive USA - 870-297-3222 - 2873 Hwy 56, Calico Rock, Arkansas. This is an emergency preparedness store. They stock army surplus, books, clothing, cooking, fishing, ammo, hunting, and related supplies. Go about 3 miles down Hwy 56 to the intersection of Hwy 56 and Hwy 223.

Western Auto/Knowles True Value Hardware - 870-297-3710 - 201 Main Street, Calico Rock, Arkansas. This is one very large and well stocked country hardware store. It's been here a very long time. Auto parts, hardware, tools, etc.

Watson's Grocery & Gas Station - 870-297-8522 -  Hwy 223, Pineville, Arkansas. The most complete ammo store for many miles around. Go about 3 miles down Hwy 56 to the intersection of Hwy 56 and Hwy 223, turn on Hwy 223 and go just a short distance.

Finding Pineville - The small town of Pineville borders Calico Rock. Go about 3 miles on Hwy 56 from the intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 56 in Calico Rock. Look for Survive USA at the intersection of Hwy 56 and Hwy 223.

Hardware Stores

Western Auto/Knowles True Value Hardware - 870-297-3710 - 201 Main Street, Calico Rock, Arkansas

Point 4 - Village Of Norfork

Norfork does not have any hardware or auto services.

Outdoor Recreation Gear ( Fishing, Hunting, Camping )

Woodsman's Sports Shop - 870-499-7454 - This is another independent operation long a favorite with fishermen, hunters, and tourists. You can buy fishing licenses and bait/tackle as well as snacks and basic groceries. There are also quite a few hunting and fishing supplies, as well as a banking ATM. Open 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm. 59 Fisherman Street, Norfork Arkansas.

Two Rivers Fly Shop & BBQ Cafe - 870-499-3060 - If you are a fly fisher you can get what you need across the road at Two Rivers Fly Shop, including experienced fly fishing advice. Two Rivers Hickory Pig Cafe is well named. This is a small family restaurant specializing in baby back ribs and other local BBQ delights. You can also get a cold beer here. Open 7 days a week. Open 11am to various hours, call. 13718 Hwy 5 South, Norfork, Arkansas.

Sharps - 870-499-3545 - A very diverse outdoor recreation supply store. Large selection of knives, firearms, ammo, fishing tackle, air rifles, scopes, camping equipment, Zippo lighters, and a long list of other possible. No junk here! 13851 Hwy 5 South, Norfork Arkansas. Open Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 2pm to 6:30pm, Thursdays & Fridays 5pm to 6:30pm, Saturdays from 10am to 6:30pm.

Motorcycle & ATV Repair

While there are a few dealers selling motorcycles and ATVs, there are not a whole lot of repair services. Harber's is one of the best in the State. Start by calling them, and if they can't help more than likely they can tell you who can. Harber's a good 25 to 40 miles off our tour depending on where you are. They are located north in a small town, Viola, on Highway 62/412.

Harber's Cycle - 870-458-2939 - Harber's Cycle has the largest motorcycle and ATV salvage yard in the state of Arkansas with more than 12,000 units salvaged. In business in the same location since 1984. American or Japanese parts and service. Open 9am to 5pm Tuesday through Friday, and 9am to 12 noon on Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday. 8750 HWY 62 West, Viola, Arkansas. Viola is 25 miles northeast from Calico Rock, 38 miles from Norfork, and 42 miles from Allison.

Mountain Home, Arkansas

Mountain Home is 15 minutes from either Point 1 or Point 43. Following either Hwy 5 north, or Hwy 201 north will bring you to Hwy 62/412, which is the main road running through Mountain Home. If you travel Hwy 62/412 you'll find several restaurants, auto parts stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, banks, auto repair shops, etc.

When it comes to fishing, hunting, and camping supplies, Harps on Hwy 62/412 has the largest selection in the entire area.

Walmart Supercenter - 870-492-9299 Open 24 hours. 65 Walmart Drive, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Harps Food - 870- 425-6556 - Open 24 hours, closed Christmas Day. 924 East Hwy 62, Mountain Home, Arkansas

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